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The Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin is an electronic journal constituted in conjunction with the organization and work of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative to afford contributors to that effort the opportunity to make known to an international community the results of their research into topics related to those of the CDLI.

The CDLB is a refereed e-journal for Assyriology and is conceived as a sister publication of the Cuneiform Digital Library Journal. While the latter journal seeks substantive contributions dealing with the major themes of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, that is, with text analyses of 4th and 3rd millennium documents (incorporating text, photographs, data, drawings, interpretations), early language, writing, paleography, administrative history, mathematics, metrology, and the technology of modern cuneiform editing are welcome, articles in the Bulletin should be short notes of at most five pages that deal with specific topics, collations, etc., and do not attempt to offer synthetic treatments of complex subjects.

For more information on this journal, visit the CDLJ and CDLB information page.

No. Author(s) Title Date
2021:5 Sigrist, Marcel; Ozaki Tohru Neo-Sumerian Texts in the Newark Public Library 2022-01-26
2021:4 Johandi, Andreas; Sazonov, Vladimir; Fink, Sebastian A Neo-Sumerian Administrative Tablet in the University of Tartu Art Museum 2022-01-26
2021:3 Abaslou, Sina; Zamani, Amir Newly Found Inscribed Elamite Bricks of Untaš-Napiriša in the Čahār Fasl Museum of Arak 2022-01-26
2021:2 Mohr, Sara; Thompson, Shane M. A Selection of Tablets and Cones from Brown University 2022-01-26
2021:1 Liu Changyu Six Neo-Sumerian Texts in the Boston Public Library 2022-01-24
2020:1 Parian, Saber Amiri A New Edition of the Elamite Version of the Behistun Inscription (II) 2022-01-24
2018:2 Potts, Daniel T. The Carian Villages 2018-09-15
2018:1 Brunke, Hagan A New Geometric School Text from Cornell 2018-09-15
2017:3 Parian, Saber Amiri A New Edition of the Elamite Version of the Behistun Inscription (I) 2017-12-22
2017:2 Zólyomi, Gábor The Secret Life of Lu-Ningirsu, the Judge 2017-09-30
2017:1 Alivernini, Sergio Nine Unpublished Texts in the Collection of the British Museum 2017-08-19
2016:2 Firth, Richard Some Comments on “Drehem Tablets” in the British Museum 2016-11-24
2016:1 Brosius, Maria; Liverani, M. The Cuneiform Tablet Collection of the Los Angeles Unified School District 2016-11-24
2015:6 Brunke, Hagan Embedded Structures: Two Mesopotamian Examples 2015-12-25
2015:5 Liu Changyu; Nielsen, John P. Cuneiform Texts in the Special Collections of Knox College 2015-11-17
2015:4 Firth, Richard Notes on Ur III Period Textile Tablets from Ur 2015-11-13
2015:3 Freedman, I. The Marduk Star Nēbiru 2015-11-08
2015:2 Bartash, Vitali On the Sumerian City UB-meki, the Alleged “Umma” 2015-11-04
2015:1 Daneshmand, Parsa; Abdoli, Meysam A New King of Susa and Anshan 2015-02-16
2014:5 Miglio, Adam E. Ur III Tablets in the Wheaton College Archaeology Museum 2014-12-05

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Page 1 of 3, showing 20 record(s) out of 50 total

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