CDLI Bibliography

Information about cuneiform artifacts have been published in numerous peer-reviewed books and articles. This CDLI feature provides search and browse capabilities into this precious resource that was compiled by a multitude of scholars over a three decades period.

CDLI Tablet

cdli tablet is an iPad and Android app that combines text and images of cuneiform inscriptions, of related archaeological artifacts, and of the equipment and techniques employed by specialists to capture, digitally preserve and disseminate the cultural heritage of the ancient Near East.

CDLI Documentation

List of main categories in documentation (Available in August).

Cooked Agade

Enjoy a filtered version of the Agade mailing list with manually curated entries centering around Mesopotamian studies only.

Composite litrary texts & witnesses (scores)

Numerous cuneiform artifacts were inscribed with witnesses of compositions. In order to study these compositions, scholars align witnesses so they can see the variations and similarities between exemplars. There are composites of various genres of texts but mostly Royal inscriptions, literary compositions and lexical texts.

Royal inscriptions and their witnesses & witnesses (scores)

Powerful figures of Mesopotamia of all periods have disseminated their accomplishements using varied mediums.

Seals & seals impressions

Seals, mostly cylindrical, engraved with scenes and text, were rolled onto fresh clay to leave their imprint, an ingenious administrative tool.

Abbreviations for Assyriology

List of abbreviations used in Mesopotamian Studies.

Preferred sign readings

Convention of sign values to use when submitting transliterations to the CDLI.

Sign lists

Published cuneifom sign lists for all periods.

UR III months names

A correspondance table showing months vs month number, period, ruler and rulership year.


A list of composite year names.

Metadata checker

Submit your catalogue data for validation.

Transliteration checker

Submit your inscriptions for validadion.

Uqnu editor

Employ the Uqnu editor to refine your transliterations.

CDLI-CoNLL Checker

Validate your linguistic annotations.

Standalone tools

Navigate to our Gitlab repository where most of the tools offered as services on the cdli website can be installed on a local machine.

Converters and Annotators

Data Submission form

Use the drop-down to select the converter you would like to use. Upload your file or paste your text(s) or annotations in the text area below. If you both upload a file and use the textarea, the file will have priority. If your file is too large to process, please consider installing the converter or annotator you want to use locally.