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Cuneiform Digital Library Notes is a non-profit, electronic bulletin board of published notes for cuneiform studies. We have set ourselves the task of publishing in this online journal short notices of a high academic standard which also try to utilize the potential of electronic publication. For more information on this journal, visit the CDLN information page.

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2023:5 Kleb, Jens 270 valid triples below, between and above the lines 1-15 of Plimpton 322 2023-02-22
2023:4 Abaslou, Sina; Zamani, Amir Two Brick Inscriptions from the Shrine of Shah Cheragh 2023-02-22
2023:3 Zamani, Amir; Abaslou, Sina Two Cylinder Seals from Ur III in Arak 2023-02-22
2023:2 Bakhtiari, Jalil A New Edition of Four Inscriptions from the Persepolis Fortification Seals Corpus 2023-02-21
2023:1 Rattenborg, Rune Gone West: Revisiting the Cuneiform Tablet of Thunder-Rolling-Down-the-Mountain 2023-01-02
2020:1 Kozuh, Michael A Unique Herd Inspection Text in the LAUSD Collection from the Reign of Neriglissar 2020-01-11
2019:1 Peterson, Jeremiah Two Fragmentary Old Babylonian Nippur Inheritance Divisions From the Reign of Samsuiluna 2020-05-01
2018:2 Arbøll, Troels Pank; Rattenborg, Rune Two Old Akkadian administrative tablets from Danish auctioneer Bruun Rasmussen 2022-06-17
2018:1 Dahl, Jacob L.; Kelley, Kathryn A note on cataloguing cylinder seals: including weight 2021-02-01
2017:4 Földi, Zsombor J.; Spada, Gabriella Another Old Babylonian barley loan from Gula's temple 2017-01-01
2017:3 Proust, Christine Mathematical tablets in the Emory collection 2018-01-01
2017:2 Daneshmand, Parsa Inscription of Darius I in the National Museum of Iran 2021-02-01
2017:1 Daneshmand, Parsa Inscriptions of Ur-Ningirsu II and Igi-hatet in the National Museum of Iran 2021-02-01
2016:6 Pournelle, Jennifer R. Inscribed Bricks Recorded In-Situ during Site Reconnaissance in Southern Iraq 2018-01-01
2016:4 Bácskay, András The Lamaštu amulet BM 120388 2018-01-01
2016:3 Földi, Zsombor J. For the Life of the King: A Votive Offering to a Family God 2017-01-01
2016:2 Arp, Don The Real Identities of Tablet JCS 17, 021 Nebraska 2017-01-01
2016:1 Panayotov, Strahil V. Some On "Firing Holes" and the Cuneiform Stylus 2017-01-01
2015:18 Zólyomi, Gábor Some Material Concerning the Meetings of the Sumerian Grammar Discussion Group 2015-10-15
2015:17 Panayotov, Strahil V. The Gottstein System Implemented on a Digital Middle and Neo-Assyrian Palaeography 2015-10-15
2015:16 Lafont, Bertrand Puzur-hâli, Puzur-hammi, *Puzur-Haya 2021-02-01
2015:15 Arp, Don An Ur III Tablet in the Archives and Special Collections of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries 2015-10-15
2015:14 Firth, Richard On the “Joys of Cooking in Ur III Babylonia” 2015-10-15
2015:13 Wagensonner, Klaus A note on a new manuscript of ED Lu₂ A and its colophon 2015-07-15
2015:12 Bramanti, Armando The Cuneiform Stylus. Some Addenda 2015-07-15
2015:11 Wang, Xianhua Seal Type A on Clay Bullae from the Cornell University Collections 2015-07-15
2015:10 Firth, Richard A note on groups of forged copies of Ur III tablets from Girsu 2015-07-15
2015:9 Clevenstine, Emmert MAH 15886 + 16295, a Rim-Sin Tabular Account in Geneva 2015-07-15
2015:8 Wagensonner, Klaus A, B, C, ... Word List Z 2015-07-15
2015:7 Panayotov, Strahil V. The tablet of the Middle Assyrian ‘coronation' ritual: the placement of VAT 10113 and the displacement of VAT 9978 2015-04-15
2015:6 Wagensonner, Klaus A legal text at the Russell Library, Maynooth University 2015-04-15
2015:5 Arbøll, Troels Pank A curious Ur III Tablet at the University of Copenhagen: Notes on the History of Pinches 2015-04-15
2015:4 Bramanti, Armando A Jemdet Nasr Fragment in the Collections of the Oriental Institute of Chicago 2015-04-15
2015:3 Wagensonner, Klaus Turning the Laws of Ur-Namma 2015-01-15
2015:2 Panayotov, Strahil V.; Kissiov, Kostadin An administrative tablet from Puzriš-Dagān in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2015-01-15
2015:1 Wagensonner, Klaus On an alternative way of capturing RTI images with the camera dome 2015-01-15
2014:26 Firth, Richard Notes on composite seals in CDLI 2014-10-15
2014:25 Liu Changyu; Lecompte, Camille Addenda to Akkadica 134/1 2014-10-15
2014:24 Wagensonner, Klaus Addendum to CDLN 2014:015 2014-10-15
2014:23 Schrakamp, Ingo Sargonic texts from Adab in the CDLI database 2014-09-15
2014:22 Lecompte, Camille Suggestions and corrections to ATFU – 3. Again on EREN₂+S. 161bki 2014-07-15
2014:21 Lecompte, Camille Suggestions and corrections to ATFU – 2. Addenda and errata 2014-07-15
2014:20 Lecompte, Camille Suggestions and corrections to ATFU – 1. On goats and sheep during the ED I-II period 2014-07-15
2014:19 Wagensonner, Klaus A note on the colophon of VAT 9487 2014-07-15
2014:18 Wagensonner, Klaus Elamites in Edinburgh 2014-07-15
2014:17 Liu Changyu Notes on Elamites and the date of three Drehem texts 2014-07-15
2014:16 Dahl, Jacob L. Corrections to J. L. Dahl, “A Babylonian Gang of Potters” 2014-07-15
2014:15 Wagensonner, Klaus Lu₂ A Again! 2014-07-15
2014:14 Schrakamp, Ingo On the reading of a-dam-DUNki 2014-07-15
2014:13 Wagensonner, Klaus Some notes on a Middle Assyrian letter 2014-07-15
2014:12 Allred, Lance Girsu Labor Assignments Revisited 2014-07-15
2014:11 Zand, Kamran V. What happened to Zuzu, King of Akšak? 2014-04-15
2014:10 Wagensonner, Klaus Šul-pa'e Re-joined 2014-04-15
2014:9 Tsouparopoulou, Christina A note on Ur III administrative procrastination 2014-04-15
2014:8 Wagensonner, Klaus Digitizing in the round 2014-04-15
2014:7 al-Rashid, Moudhy A Note on the Meaning of hūṣu and huṣṣu 2014-04-15
2014:6 Liu Changyu A Note on the Regular Offering to Ninlil at Tummal 2014-04-15
2014:5 Liu Changyu A Note on gal-tab-bu-um 2014-04-15
2014:4 Englund, Robert K. Seals and Sealing in CDLI files 2014-01-15
2014:3 Kleinerman, Alexandra A new “Letter to the Generals” 2014-01-15
2014:2 Földi, Zsombor J. The Sad Story of a Sumerian Statue: The Destruction of Šū-Suen 7 2014-01-15
2014:1 Dahl, Jacob L. The proto-Elamite seal MDP 16, pl. XII fig. 198 2014-01-15
2013:1 Andersson, Jakob An Ur III Messenger text from Umma in the Haldar collection 2013-01-15
2012:6 Dahl, Jacob L. New and old joins in the Louvre proto-Elamite tablet collection 2012-01-15
2012:5 Cooper, Jerrold S. A wine debt from Emar 2012-01-15
2012:4 Owen, David I. Additions and corrections to Owen, "Supplemental Texts ..." (CUSAS 6, pp. 233-334) 2012-01-15
2012:3 Englund, Robert K.; Damerow, Peter; Renn, Jürgen; Tinney, Stephen J.; Lafont, Bertrand A note to clarify CDLI's policy of open access, and of fair use of published images of cuneiform inscriptions 2012-01-15
2012:2 Földi, Zsombor J. The career of a high-ranking official in Larsa: on CUSAS 17, 54 2012-01-15
2012:1 Englund, Robert K. Citing CDLI 2012-01-15
2011:6 Englund, Robert K. Notes on KIDₐ 2011-10-15
2011:5 Brumfield, Sara Two Early Dynastic Capacity Standards 2011-10-15
2011:4 Englund, Robert K. The State of CDLI's Ur III Transliterations 2011-08-20
2011:3 Englund, Robert K. A Note on one of Kazuya Maekawa's Ur III Contributions 2011-03-31
2011:2 Halton, Charles Weighing Officials at Ur III Umma 2011-02-23
2011:1 Zólyomi, Gábor Lipit-Eštar and the Moat of Isin: A Reconstructed Cone Inscription 2011-02-09
2010:5 Cooper, Jerrold S. Blind Workmen, Weaving Women and Prostitutes in Third Millennium Babylonia 2010-12-29
2010:4 Englund, Robert K. Recently Published Catalogues of Cuneiform Collections 2010-12-15
2010:3 Allred, Lance More Šu-Suen Seals During the Reign of Amar-Suen 2010-06-01
2010:2 Zólyomi, Gábor On G. Marchesi's understanding of Eanatum 5 v 9-17 2010-02-06
2010:1 Wu Yuhong Differentiating Šulgi 43 and Amar-Suen 4 2007-01-22
2007:2 Englund, Robert K. A Minnesota Estate 2007-08-24
2007:1 Englund, Robert K. New Hits for Erlenmeyer 152 2007-01-11
2006:2 Englund, Robert K. Three Texts from Uqair 2006-07-27
2006:1 Wulff Krabbenhøft, Rikke Accession Numbers of the Royal Ontario Museum 2006-08-04
2005:1 Altavilla, Stefania An Account of Vegetable Oil from Girsu 2011-11-11
2003:3 Heimpel, Wolfgang gu-nigin₂, “bale” 2003-11-26
2003:2 Veldhuis, Niek The Sumerian word na-IZI 2003-11-26
2003:1 Heimpel, Wolfgang The Akkadian Personal Name DI-NI-NI 2003-11-26

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