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Upload Catalogue data

Use this form to validate catalogue data or to submit catalogue addition or change suggestions to CDLI.
Your file must be formatted in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format. For more information, please consult the guide on preparing catalogue data. If you used FileMaker to create the CSV file, please be sure to include column names.

You need to register an account to submit addition or edition suggestions to a CDLI editor for review. Please email cdli-support (at) ames.ox.ac.uk to activate your crowdsourcing privilege.

To submit information about a single artifact not yet in the CDLI dataogue, you can use the Add Artifact form. To suggest an edition to an existing single artifact, first search for the artifact using Search, then press on the edit artifact button.

If you activate the toggle for concatenation, you can submit additions to fields which contain multiple values and some free text fields. For example, you could provide new external resources links or publication links without having to provide, and without overwriting, the existing ones, or add a comment following existing comments.

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