CDLI Literary 000333 (Enki and Ninmah) composite (P469515)

Literary artifact dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period

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Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)



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Literary (ETCSL 1.01.02 Enki and Ninmah (composite))






object composite text
surface a
1. u4 re-a-ta u4 an ki-bi-ta ba-an-dim2-ma-ba
2. ge6 re-a-ta ge6 an ki-bi-ta ba-an-dim2-ma-ba
3. mu re-a-ta mu nam ba-tar-ra-ba
4. da-nun-na-ke4-ne ba-tu-u4-da-a-ba
5. {d}ama-{d}inanna nam-|NIR.PA|-sze3 ba-tuku-a-ba
6. {d}ama-{d}inanna an ki-a ba-hal-hal-la-a-ba
7. {d}ama-{d}inanna [...] ba-a-pesz u3-tu-da-a-ba
8. dingir kurum6-ma-bi A x x unu2?-bi-sze3 ba-ab-kesz2-a-ba
9. dingir szar2-szar2 kin-ga2 al-sug2-ge-esz dingir tur-tur du2-lum im-il2-il2-e-ne
10. dingir i7 im dun-dun-u3-ne sahar-bi ha-ra-li im-dub-dub-be2-ne
11. dingir im ar3-ar3-re-ne zi-bi inim am3-ma-gar-re-ne
12. u4-ba gesztu2 dagal mud dingir szar2-szar2 gal2-gal2
13. {d}en-ki-ke4 engur buru3 a-sur-ra ki dingir na-me sza3-bi u6 nu-um-me
14. ki-nu2-ni i3-nu2 u3 ku nu-um-zi-zi
15. dingir er2-ra im-pad-pad-ne a-nir gal2 i3-ak im-me-ne
16. lu2 ku-ra i3-nu2-a-ra ki-nu2-bi nu-um-zi-zi-ra
17. {d}namma-ke4 ama igi-du u3-tu dingir szar2-szar2-ra-ke4-ne
18. er2-ra dingir-re-e-ne dumu-ni-ir ba-szi-in-de6
19. x mu-un-szi-nu2-u3-nam u3 mu-un-szi-ku-ku-na-nam
20. x TE ba [...] nu-mu-un-zi-zi
21. dim3-me2-er szu dim2-dim2-ma-zu x gu2?-bi im-tu10-tu10-ne
22. du5-mu-gu10 ki-nu2-zu zi-ga i-bi2 ma-al-la-zu-ta na-ag2-ku3-zu u3-mu-e-kin-ga2
23. kin-se3 dim3-me2-er-e-ne-ke4 u3-mu-e-dim2 du2-lum-bi ha-ba-tu-lu-ne
24. {d}en-ki-ke4 inim ama-na {d}namma-ke4 ki-nu2-na ba-ta-zi
25. hal-an-ku3 nigin2 sza3 kusz2-u3-da-na hasz im-mi-ni-ra
26. gesztu2 gizzal en3 tar [...] nam-ku3-zu mud me-dim2 nig2-nam-ma SIG7-EN SIG7-HI im-ta-an-e3
27. {d}en-ki-ke4 a2-ni ba-szi-in-de6 gesztu2 i3-ni10-ni10-e
28. {d}en-ki-ke4 mud me-dim2 ni2-te-a-na sza3-bi gesztu2-ta u3-mu-ni-de5-ge
29. ama-ni {d}namma-ra gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
30. ama-gu10 mud mu-gar-ra-zu i3-gal2-la-am3 zub-sag3 dingir-re-e-ne kesz2-i3
31. sza3 im ugu abzu-ka u3-mu-e-ni-in-szar2
32. SIG7-EN SIG7-HI im mu-e-kir3-kir3-re-ne za-e me-dim2 u3-mu-e-ni-gal2
33. {d}nin-mah-e an-ta-zu he2-ak-e
34. {d}nin-imma3 {d}szu-zi-an-na {d}nin-ma-da {d}nin-bara2
35. {d}nin-mug {d}SAR-SAR-GAB {d}nin-gun3-na
36. tu-tu-a-zu ha-ra-gub-bu-ne
37. ama-gu10 za-e nam-bi u3-mu-e-tar {d}nin-mah zub-sag3-bi he2-kesz2
38. [...] i3-du3 nam-lu2-ulu3 [...]
39. [...]-ke4? nam-lu2-ulu3 am3-ma-[...]
40. [...] HA? sag-e sag am3-ma-[...]
41. [...] dim2-zu unu6 RI-zu ga-a-am3
42. [...] SAR-e gesz-nu11 mi-ni-in-il2 nam-lu2?-ulu3 [...]
43. [...] sag2 numun2-e mi-ni-in-ri u3-tu na-bi mu-de5
44. {d}en-ki-ke4 kin ni10-ni10-da x mi-ni-in-la2 sza3-bi ba-hul2
45. ama-ni {d}namma {d}nin-mah-sze3 geszbun na-am3-ma-ni-in-gar
46. gu2 SIG7-EN SIG7-HI nun-ne-ke4 nam-tar gi sag ninda i-im-gu7-e
47. an-e {d}en-lil2-bi en {d}nu-dim2-mud-e masz ku3 i-im-sze6-sze6
48. dingir szar2-szar2-ra-ke4-e-ne ka tar i-im-si-il-le-ne
49. en gesztu2 dagal-la a-ba-a gesztu2 i3-de5-ge
50. en gal {d}en-ki-ke4 nig2 ak-ak-zu-sze3 a-ba-a i3-se3-ge
51. a-a tu-da-gin7 me nam tar-tar-ra me za-e al-me-en-na
52. {d}en-ki-ke4 {d}nin-mah-e kasz im-na8-na8-ne sza3-bi ul mu-un-te
53. {d}nin-mah-e {d}en-ki-ra gu3 mu-na-de2-e
54. me-dim2 na-ag2-lu2-ulu3-ta sa6-ge hul ma-al-la-a-kam
55. ki sza3 gi4-a-gu10 na-ag2-tar bi2-ib-se3-ge bi2-ib-hul-e
56. {d}en-ki-ke4 {d}nin-mah-e mu-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
57. nam-tar sza3-ge de6-a-zu sa6-ge hul ma-al ga-am3-szi-ib2-la2
58. {d}nin-mah-e im ugu abzu-a szu-ni mu-ni-in-ti
59. lu2 gi szu szu2-szu2 sa2-sa2-de3 nu-gam lu2-u3 am3-ma-ni-in-dim2
60. {d}en-ki-ke4 lu2 gi szu szu2-szu2 sa2-sa2-de3 nu-gam igi du8-a-ni-ta
61. nam-bi i-ni-in-tar sag lugal-la-ke4 am3-ma-ni-in-gub
62. gi4-bi gesz-nu11 gi4-gi4 lu2 u6-e am3-ma-ni-in-dim2
63. {d}en-ki-ke4 gesz-nu11 gi4-gi4 lu2 u6-e igi du8-a-ni-ta
64. nam-bi i-ni-in-tar nam-nar mi-ni-in-ba
65. x gal uszumgal-la igi lugal-la-ke4 am3-ma-ni-in-gub
66. pesz-bi giri3 2(disz) hum giri3 dab5-ba-a am3-ma-ni-in-dim2
67. {d}en-ki-ke4 giri3 2(disz) hum giri3 dab5-ba igi du8-a-ni-ta
68. kin [...] ku3-babbar-dim2 me-lam2-ma-ni am3-ma-ni-in-x
69. pesz-gi lu2 a sur-sur-ra am3-ma-ni-dim2
70. {d}en-ki-ke4 lu2 a sur-sur-ra igi du8-a-ni-ta
71. a mu7-mu7 mi-ni-in-tu5 nam-tar su-bi am3-ma-ni-in-zi
72. pesz-pesz-gi munus nu-u3-tu am3-ma-ni-in-dim2
73. {d}en-ki-ke4 munus nu-u3-tu igi du8-a-ni-ta
74. nam-bi mi-ni-in-tar e2-mi2-a-ke4 am3-ma-ni-in-du3
75. pesz-bala-gi lu2 su-ba gesz3 nu-gar gal4-la nu-gar am3-ma-ni-dim2
76. {d}en-ki-ke4 lu2 su-ba gesz3 nu-gar gal4-la nu-gar igi du8-a-ni-ta
77. {d}nibru{ki} tiru?-e mu-e mu-ni-in-sa4-a
78. igi lugal-la-ke4 gub-bu-de3 nam-bi a-ma-ni-in-tar
79. {d}nin-mah-e im nigin2 szu-na ki-a mu-un-szub lul-asz lib mu-un-gar
80. en gal {d}en-ki-ke4 {d}nin-mah-a-ra gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
81. lu2 szu dim2-ma-zu-sze3 nam-bi i-ni-in-tar ninda i-ni-in-szum2
82. ge26-e ga-na ga-mu-ra-ab-dim2 za-e u3-tu-bi nam-bi tar-ra-ab
83. {d}en-ki-ke4 me-dim2 sag-ga2 x-ga? ka sza3-ba a-ma-ni-dim2
84. {d}nin-mah-a-ra gu3 mu-un-na-de2-e
85. a gesz3 ak sza3 munus-a-ka ri-a
86. {d}nin-mah [...] u3-tu-bi-sze3 am3-mi-ni-gub
87. munus-bi u4-bi [...] ga asz x KA sza3-ba i-in-szub
87a. {d}nin-mah [...] i3-si-ig
88. gi4-bi u4-mu-ul a-za-ad-bi gig-ga ki nam-x-bi gig-ga igi-bi gig-ga gu2-bi gig-ga
89. zi til-til ti sur-sur mur gig-ga sza3 gig-ga lipisz gig-ga
90. szu-bi a-za-ad la2-la2 ka-bi-sze3 ninda nu-gar murgu2 sag-du ze2-re
91. za3-sze sur giri3 sur-sur a-gar3 nu-DU am3-ma-ni-in-dim2
92. {d}en-ki-ke4 {d}nin-mah-ra gu3 mu-na-de2-e
93. lu2 szu dim2-ma-zu nam i-ni-in-tar ninda mi-ni-szum2
94. za-e lu2 szu dim2-gu10-usz nam-bi tar-ra-ab ninda he2-[...]-szum2
95. {d}nin-mah-e u4-mu-ul igi du8-a-ni-ta e-ne-sze3 ba-e-gi4
96. u4-mu-ul mu-na-te en3 mu-na-tar-tar-re du11-ga nu-zu-e
97. ninda gu7-a-ni-sze3 mu-na-ab-de6 szu nu-mu-na-da-gid2-de3
98. {gesz}gur8-u6 sza3? nu-mu-na-nu2 nu-mu-da-an-gal2-gal2
99. gub nu-mu-da-tusz nu-mu-da-nu2 e2 nu-mu-da-x ninda nu-mu-da-gu7
100. {d}nin-mah-e {d}en-ki-ra inim-ma mu-[...]-gi4-gi4
101. lu2 szu dim2-ma-zu lu2 ti-la in-nu lu2 ug5-ga in-nu il2-bi nu-mu-da
102. {d}en-ki-ke4 {d}nin-mah-e mu-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
103. lu2 gi szu sig-ra nam mi-ni-tar ninda mi-ni-in-szum2
104. lu2 gesz-nu11 gi4-gi4-ra nam mi-ni-tar ninda mi-ni-in-szum2
105. lu2 giri3 hum dab5-ra nam mi-ni-tar ninda mi-ni-in-szum2
106. lu2 a sur-sur-ra nam mi-ni-tar ninda mi-ni-in-szum2
107. munus nu-u3-tu-ra nam mi-ni-tar ninda mi-ni-in-szum2
108. lu2 su-ba gesz3 nu-gar gal4-la nu-gar-ra nam mi-ni-tar ninda mi-ni-in-szum2
109. nin9-gu10 [...]
110. [...]
111. A [...]
112. {d}nin-mah-e {d}en-ki-ra gu3 mu-na-de2-e
113. ag2-ga2 [...]
114. ag2-ga2 [...]
115. ma A [...]
116. ag2-ga2 [...]
117. ag2-ga2 [...]
118. ag2-ga2 x [...]
119. [...]
120. [...]
121. [...] x x DU [...]
122. [...] NI DU ag2 TAG-sze3 mu-ni-in-ku4-re
123. a2-sze3 an nu-mu-e-tusz ki nu-mu-e-tusz i-bi2 il2-la-zu ka-na-ag2-ga2 nu-e3-en
124. ki za-e nu-tusz-en e2-gu10 du3-a inim-zu mu nu-tuku
125. ki za-e nu-ti-en iri-gu10 du3-a nig2-gu10 lib ba-si-ge-en
126. iri-gu10 gel-le-eg3-ga2 e2-gu10 gul-la du5-mu-gu10
127. lu2-kar-ra-gen e2-kur-ta e3-gen
128. u4 me-e nig2-gu10 szu-zu-ta szu la-ba-ra-e3
129. {d}en-ki-ke4 {d}nin-mah-ra mu-na-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
130. inim ka-zu e3-a a-ba-a i3-kur2-re
131. u4-mu-ul x TU dab5-ba ur2-zu-ta szu gal2-ab-ta
132. {d}nin-mah? kin-ga2-zu he2-bi2-la2-la2 szu nu-du7 ma-dab5 a-ba-am3 sag mu-un-ga2-ga2
133. lu2 me?-dim2?-gu10 egir-zu-sze3 tuku-a ka-bi szu he2-bi2-gal2
134. u4-da gesz3-gu10 me-tesz2 ha-ba-i-i gesztu2 de5-ge-zu he2-gal2
135. enkum ninkum
136. u4 x giri3 szub-szub gu2 nam-bi-[...] ka tar-zu he2-si-il-le-ne
137. nin9-gu10 a2 nam-ur-sag-ga2 [...] DU
138. szir3 [...] nam-dub? [...]
139. dingir gesz tuku-a-bi u4-mu-ul du3? [...] e2-gu10 he2-ak-e
140. {d}nin-mah-e en gal {d}en-ki-ke4 za3 nu-mu-ni-in-sza4
141. a-a {d}en-ki za3-mi2-zu du10-ga

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    composite text

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    composite text

  • Genre(s): Literary (ETCSL 1.01.02 Enki and Ninmah (composite))
  • Language(s): Sumerian

  • history: ETCSL, 1.1.2 Enki and Ninmah

    [BlackETCSL] Black, Jeremy A. 1998-2006. “Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature.” 1998-2006.

  • Composite No.: Q000333
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