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YAML header

The documentation system uses a YAML header to sort and display in the proper places the different documents composing our documentation. This header stores different information using an internal controlled vocabulary.


title: Adding and editing documentation
section: User guides
  - Content contributor
  - editor
  - Pagé-Perron, Émilie


The title variable is the title of the document, it must summarize the content of the whole file.


Sections are the broad categorizations for the documentation's content.

  • User guides
  • Contribution and data guides
  • Dev and devops docs


The pre-cited sections can be classified further into categories.

  • Search guide
  • Browse guide
  • Features guide
  • Editor guide
  • Data formats and data
  • Contribution guides (data)
  • Contribution guides (code)
  • API usage
  • Style guides
  • Deploy guide
  • Features documentation


  • Visitor
  • Content contributor
  • Developer
  • Organization


Chips are tags that can be used to help the users visualize topics of interest discussed in the documentation. They do not belong to a restricted list but are more helpful as they repeat.


The full name of each author Last name first, followed by a comma, and then all other names. eg.: Pagé-Perron, Émilie. Each name comes on a separate line and are added in alphabetical order.


  • Filename must be explicit

  • Filename mut contain dashes, not underscores

  • Use the extension .md

  • Images go in the /images folder

    Images will not display when the files are looked at from the cdli_docs repo but they appear when rendered on the website. below is an example of the formating to use for images: ![alt text for testing](/cdli-docs/images/browse_ss1.png) alt text for testing

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AU  - Pagé-Perron, Émilie
DA  - 2024/4/12/
PY  - 2024
ID  - temp_id_091812100566
M1  - 2024/4/12/
TI  - User guides: Adding and editing documentation
UR  -

ER  - 
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