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Find and see a 3D model

To find a 3D model, do an empty search and filter your results to "3D model" under "Data", "Artifact images".
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You can also simply look up this model:


The list below explains each feature available in the 3D viewer. The list is in the same order as the icons appearing on the viewer.

![flash for redirect to view](/cdli-docs/images/Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 16.21.15.png)

  • Rotate Will allow 3D model to rotate using the mouse or touch(for touchscreens) movement
  • Move Model can be moved from its place
  • Zoom In With this, view can be zoomed in for an enlarged view of the model
  • Zoom Out Zoom out for a less enlarged view of the model
  • Undo The last rotation or movement is undone
  • Reset All rotations and movements are undone, reseting the model to its starting position
  • Lighting The direction of the virtual lighting effect can be moved using the mouse
  • Fullscreen Sets the height and width of the 3D Viewer to the full screen view port
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