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The Aleppo Museum contains an important collection of items from many periods, with a strong emphasis on Iron Age and the classical period, but including many items from the Late Bronze. It contains a small selection of some of the 20,000 or more early second millennium cuneiform tablets found at Mari.

The middle section of the rear hall is dedicated to two northern sites, Tell Hajib and Arslan Tash. The third section displays finds from Tell Ahmar, excavated by the French in the 1920s. The large gallery that runs along the third side of the building is used to house finds from several sites, including Ebla and Ain Dara. The second floor contains numerous artifacts found during the major excavations carried out by multi-national expeditions in the flooded region of Lake Assad on the Euphrates.

Click <a href=";Period=Ur+III">here</a> for a selection of several recently digitized Ur III (ca. 2000 BC) tablets in the Aleppo collection.


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