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Artifact Type Parent
adze Tool
alabastron Vessel
altar Architectural element
amphora Vessel
amulet Jewellery
Architectural element
arrowhead Weapon
axe Weapon
ball Small Finds
band Architectural element
barrel cylinder
barrel-cylinder barrel
base Architectural element
basin Architectural element
basket Vessel
bead Small Finds
bottle Vessel
bowl Vessel
box Small Finds
brand Tool
brick stamp Tool
bucket Vessel
cameo Small Finds
candelabrum Furniture
canephor Figure
chair Furniture
circlet Jewellery
cliff relief Display Inscription
club Weapon
coffer Furniture
coin Small Finds
colossus Figure
column Architectural element
cosmetic container Small Finds
cosmetic palette Small Finds
cube Small Finds
cup Vessel
Cylinder seal seal (not impression)
dagger Weapon
die Small Finds
disc Small Finds
dish Vessel
Display Inscription
door sill Architectural element
drainpipe Architectural element
Duck Weight Weight
earring(s) Jewellery
envelope tablet or envelope
eyestone Small Finds
figurine Figure
finial Architectural element
flange Vessel
flask Vessel
foil Small Finds
fossilized horse bone Small Finds
fragments Small Finds
Funerary equipment
game board Small Finds
gem Small Finds
goblet Vessel
hairpin Jewellery
hammer Tool
hatchet Weapon
hoe Tool
inlay Small Finds
jar Vessel
Jar Sealing sealing
juglet Vessel
knife Weapon
knob Architectural element
kudurru Display Inscription
Lamassu Wall relief
lamp Small Finds
leaf Small Finds
Lenticular tag tag
lentil prism
lid Small Finds
Lion Weight Weight
loom weight Tool
mace Weapon
model Figure
mortar Tool
Nail cone
obelisk Display Inscription
pail Vessel
pavement slab Architectural element
pebble Small Finds
pedestal Furniture
peg Figure
pendant Jewellery
pestle Tool
pillar Architectural element
pipe Architectural element
plaque Display Inscription
plaster Small Finds
plate Small Finds
plate Vessel
plate and spike Architectural element
plating Small Finds
platter Vessel
pommel Small Finds
post stone Architectural element
pot Vessel
potsherd Vessel
Rectangular tag tag
ring Jewellery
sarcophagus Funerary equipment
saucer Vessel
scarab Small Finds
seal (not impression)
sherd Vessel
situla Vessel
Small Finds
socket Architectural element
spear Weapon
spike Architectural element
spindle whorl Tool
Stamp seal seal (not impression)
standard Small Finds
statue Figure
statuette Figure
stela Display Inscription
stopper Small Finds
stylus Writing material
sword Weapon
tablet tablet or envelope
tablet & envelope tablet or envelope
tablet or envelope
tenon Architectural element
threshold Architectural element
throne base Furniture
tile Architectural element
token(s) Small Finds
trough Vessel
uncertain Small Finds
vase Vessel
Wall relief
Wall slab Wall relief
wind chime Small Finds
writing board Writing material
Writing material

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