New Hits for Erlenmeyer 152

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Published on 2007-01-11

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Robert K. Englund

University of California Los Angeles

UTI 3, 1630, offered only a partial fit to a credit entry of the large account Erlenmeyer 152, as noted in CDLJ 2003:1 §16. Since there was a difference of 42 workdays between the two records, and since Erlenmeyer 152 indicated that its scribe was looking at two sealed documents for this entry, I stated that “the second [missing] sealed tablet is a copy of this one, exchanging 42 for 2.15 in the first line.” A recent publication of Ur III tablets in the British Museum by Tohru Ozaki and Marcel Sigrist (BPOA 1; Madrid 2006) contains the missing receipt in number 608 (=BM 106886), though in a form slightly more complex than initially suspected:

  UTI 3, 1630 BPOA 1, 608 Erl. 152 obv. v 21-23


    6 guruš u4 1-še3  
    a2 mu iti-da  
   2.15 guruš u4 1-še3 12 guruš u4 3-še3 2.57 guruš u4 1-še3
  a-ša3-ge a du11-ga a-ša3-ge a du11-ga a-ša3-ge a du11-ga
  a-ša3 dšara2-gu2-gal a-ša3 dšara2-gu2-gal a-ša3 dšara2-gu2-gal
  ugula lu2-dšara2 ugula lu2-dšara2  
  kišib a-gu-gu kišib a-gu-gu kišib 2 a-gu-gu
  (seal) iti dli9-si4  
   mu ma2 den-ki ba-ab-du8 mu ma2 den-ki ba-ab-du8  
  seal legend seal legend  
  ur-e2-mah ur-e2-mah  
  dub-sar dub-sar  
   dumu da-da dumu da-da  

While the result is as anticipated (6 + (12×3) = 42), the new text separates from a three-day work period of 12 laborers a six-workday period described as a2 mu iti-da (unclear to me).

A second partial primary document hit for our Erlenmeyer 152 is BPOA 1, 767 (=BM 107053), corresponding to Erl. 152, obv. iv 19 - v 1 (below). Both new texts were dated to the 9th month of the year of Erl. 152 (SS 2; note to CDLJ 2003:1, n. 34 and correct v 1 to kišib ˹2˺! lu2-gi-na), as was Princeton 1, 380, that exhibited similar irregularities (CDLJ 2003:1, n. 19).

  BPOA 1, 767 Erl. 152 obv. iv 19 - v 1
  10 guruš u4 1-še3 ˹10˺ guruš u4 1-še3
  kuša-ga2-la2 keš2-ra2 kuša-ga2-la2 ˹keš2˺-ra2
   ma2-da-ga ma2 a-pi4-sal4ki -ta   ma2-da-ga ma2-a gar [a]-˹pi4˺-sal4ki -ta
  ka gir13:giz-še3 ka gir13-giz-še3
  ma2 gid2-da ˹ma2˺ gid2-da
  u3 ma2 gur-ra u3 ma2 gur-ra
  ugula lu2-dšara2  
  kišib lu2-gi-na kišib ˹2˺! lu2-gi-na
  iti dli9-si4  
   mu ma2 den-ki ba-ab-du8  
  seal legend  
   dumu ša3-ku3-ge  



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