RIME composite (P448538)

Official or display artifact excavated in Uruk (mod. Warka), dated to the Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) period

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Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC)


Uruk (mod. Warka)

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Official or display (composite)






object composite
surface a
1. {d}inanna
 en: For Inanna,
2. nin gal e2-an-na
 en: great queen of the Eanna temple,
3. nin-mu-ra
 en: my mistress,
4. an-am3 sipa zi
 en: Anam, the faithful shepherd
5. unu{ki}-ga-ke4
 en: of Uruk,
6. agrig szu dim4-ma
 en: the prudent steward
7. sze-ga an {d}inanna
 en: favored by An and Inanna,
8. dumu ki-ag2
 en: beloved son
9. {d}inanna-me-en
 en: of Inanna, I -
10. u4 e2 an {d}inanna
 en: when the temple of An and Inanna,
11. nig2 dim2-dim2 libir-ra
 en: the old constructions
12. {d}ur-{d}namma
 en: of (the Ur kings) Ur-Namma
13. {d}szul-gi-ra-ke4
 en: and Šulgi,
14. mu-un-gibil4-a
 en: I had renovated
15. ki-be2 bi2-gi4-a
 en: and restored,
16. e2 ge6-par3 en-na
 en: a gipar house of the en priestess,
17. ki-tusz sza3 hul2-la-na
 en: her residence which makes the heart happy,
18. la-la-bi-sze3 tum2-ma
 en: one worthy of her allure,
19. mu-un-ki-gar
 en: I founded.
20. e2 gibil4-gin7
 en: As (if it were) a new temple
21. hu-mu-u3-tu
 en: I did indeed create it.
22. {gesz}ig gal-gal erin-a
 en: Large doors of cedar
23. _{gesz}e-lam-ma-kum_
 en: and elamakkum wood
24. hur-sag-ta de6-a
 en: brought from the mountains,
25. {gesz}ig i3 szesz2
 en: doors anointed with oil
26. {kusz}a2-si-bi
 en: with leather straps,
27. alan sa6-ga
 en: beautiful statues,
28. ul zabar husz szu du7
 en: and embellishing rosettes of ruddy bronze,
29. me-te e2-e-ke4
 en: ornaments that to the temple
30. ba-ab-du7
 en: were suitable,
31. e2-be2 hu-mu-si-si
 en: I put into that temple.
32. lu2 mu-sar-ra-ba
 en: A person who this inscription
33. szu bi2-ib2-ur3-a
 en: shall erase
34. mu-ni
 en: and his name
35. bi2-ib-sar-re-a
 en: shall write upon it,
36. an gal
 en: may great An,
37. a-a dingir-re-e-ne
 en: the father of the gods,
38. {d}inanna nin an-ki-ke4
 en: and Inanna, the queen of heaven and earth,
39. asz2 hul-bi
 en: a destroying curse for it
40. he2-em-bal-esz
 en: inflict upon him.

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  • Artifact type: Artifact type comments:

    composite text

  • Material:
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  • Artifact comments:

    composite text

  • primary: RIME 4, 04.06.02 composite

    [Frayne1990RIME4] Frayne, Douglas R. 1990. Old Baylonian Period (2003-1595 BC). Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Early Periods 4. University of Toronto Press.

  • history: YOS 1, 36

    [Clay1915YOS1] Clay, Albert T. 1915. Miscellaneous Inscriptions in the Yale Babylonian Collection. Yale Oriental Series, Babylonian Texts, Vol. 1. New Haven: Yale University Press.

  • history: Barton, RISA 334-37,

    [sec112564] N.d.

  • history: Langdon, AJSL 39, 1922,139f,

    [sec112565] N.d.

  • history: Falkenstein, BagdM 2, 1983, 53f,

    [sec112566] N.d.

  • history: Kaerki, SKFZ 99f,

    [sec112567] N.d.

  • history: SAKAZ 1, 191,

    [sec112568] N.d.

  • history: Frayne, RIM 4, 472f (T,Tr--E4.4.6.2),

    [sec112570] N.d.

  • history: LAPO 3 = IRSA, IVD6e

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  • Composite No.: Q002258
  • Museum No.:
  • Accession No.:

  • Provenience: Uruk (mod. Warka)
  • Elevation:
  • Stratigraphic Level:
  • Excavation No:
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2014-01-01 at 12:27:36 Englund, Robert K. Atf Englund, Robert K. CDLI approved View
2013-05-27 at 07:41:47 Foxvog, Daniel A. Atf Foxvog, Daniel A. CDLI approved View
2013-01-20 at 00:00:00 CDLI Artifact Foxvog, Daniel A.; Frayne, Douglas R. CDLI approved View

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RIME, ex. 01 (P293444) Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC) Uruk (mod. Warka)

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