CDLI Literary 000380, ex. 015 (P346209)

Literary tablet excavated in Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar), dated to the Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC) period and now kept in British Museum, London, UK

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British Museum, London, UK

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BM —


Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)


Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

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Literary (ETCSL 2.02.03 Lament for Sumer and Ur (witness))






1. u4# szu# bala# ke3#-de3# [...]-lam#?-e-de3
 en: In order to overturn the day, in order to destroy the plans
2. u4#-de3 mar-rux(TE)-gin7# [...] x-gu7-e
 en: The storm ravages like a stormwind
3. me ki#-en-gi-ra# szu# bala# ke3-de3#
 en: In order to overturn the cosmic powers of Sumer
4. bala# sa6-ga e2#-ba# gi4-gi4-de3
 en: In order to confine the good reign in its house
5. iri# gul#-gul-u3-de3 e2 gul-gul-u3-de3
 en: In order to destroy the city, in order to destroy the temple
6. tur3 gul-gul-u3-de3 amasz tab-tab-be2-de3
 en: In order to destroy the cattlepen, in order to flatten the sheepfold
7. gu4-bi tur3-bi-a nu-gub-bu-de3
 en: So that the ox does not does not stand in its cattlepen
8. udu-bi amasz-bi-a nu-dagal-e-de3#
 en: So that the sheep does not expand (in number?) in its sheepfold
9. i7-bi a mun4-na tum3-u3-de3#
 en: So that the canal irrigates with (only) brackish water
10. GAN2-ne2 zi-de3 {u2}hirim mu2-mu2-de3
 en: So that hirin grass grows in the fertile field
11. edin-e u2 a-nir mu2-mu2-de3
 en: So that the “lamentation plant” grows in the plain
12. ama dumu-ni-ir ki nu-kinx(UR4)-kinx(UR4)-de3
 en: So that the mother does not seek the whereabouts of her child
13. ad-da a dam-gu10 nu-di-de3
 en: So that the father does not say “ah, my wife”
14. dam banda3 ur2-ra nu-hul2-le-de3
 en: So that the junior spouse does not delight in (his) lap
15. TUR-TUR dub3-ba nu-bulug3-ge26-e-de3
 en: So that the little ones do not grow on the knee
16. emeda{+da}-e u5-a nu-di-de3
 en: So that the nursemaid does not sign a lullaby
17. nam-lugal-la ki#-tusz-bi kur2#-ru-de3
 en: So that the dwelling of kingship is changed
18. esz-bar# kinx(UR4)-ga2 [...]-e-de3
 en: In order to paralyze/actively diminish(?) decision making
19. nam#-lugal# kalam-ma kar#?-kar#?-re#?-e#-[de3]
 en: In order to take away the kingship of the land
20. igi#-bi ki!-szar2-ra ga2-ga2#-[de3]
 en: So that it (the destructive storm) sets its gaze on the entire world
21. inim du11-ga an {d}en#-lil2-ta gesz-hur ha-lam-e-[de3]
 en: So that it ruins the plans according to the command of An and Enlil
22. u4 an-ne2# kur-kur-ra sag-ki ba-da-an-gid2-da-a#-[ba]
 en: It was the time when An frowned upon the lands
23. {d}en-lil2-le igi-ni ki kur2-ra ba-an-gar-ra-a-ba
 en: It was the (time) that Enlil set his gaze on another place
24. {d}nin-tur5-re nig2-dim2-dim2-ma-ni za3 bi2-in-tag-ga-a-ba
 en: It was the (time) that Nintur rejected her creations
25. {d}en-ki-ke4 {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na szu!? bi2-in-bala-a-ba
 en: It was the (time) that Enki changed (the course of) the Tigris and Euphrates
26. ki-en-gi-ra me-bi ha-lam-e-de3 gesz-hur-bi kur2-ru-de3
 en: In order to destroy the me of Sumer, in order to alter its plans
27. uri2{ki}-ma me nam-lugal-la bala-bi su3-su3-u4-de3
 en: In order to obfuscate the me and the reign of kingship in Ur
28. dumu nun-na e2-kisz-nu-gal2-na szu pe-el-la2 di-de3
 en: In order to defile the princely son in his Ekišnugal temple
29. [{d}]nanna ug3 u8?-gin7 lu-a-na igi-te-en-bi si-il-le-de3
 en: In order to tear apart the “mesh” of the people teeming/pastured like ewes(?) of Nanna
30. uri2{ki} esz3 nindaba gal-gal-la nindaba-bi kur2-ru-de3
 en: In order to change the nindaba offering of Ur, the shrine of great nindaba offerings
31. ug3-bi ki-tusz-bi nu-tusz-u3-de3 ki-erim2-e szum2-mu-de3
 en: So that its people do no dwell in their dwelling, so that they are given into enemy territory
32. szimaszgi?{ki} elam{ki} lu2 ha-lam-ma ki-tusz-bi tusz-u3-de3
 en: So that Šimašgi and Elam, the destructive people, dwell in their dwellings
33. sipa-bi e2-gal-la ni2-te-na lu2-erim2-e dab5-be2-de3
 en: So that the enemy seizes their shepherd in his very own palace
34. i-bi2-{d}suen kur elam{ki}-ma-sze3 gesz-bur-re tum2-u3-de3
 en: So that Ibbi-Sîn is brought to the land of Elam in a {geš}bur trap/restraint
35. isz za-bu gaba a-ab-ba-ka-ta za3 an-sza4-an{ki#}-sze3
 en: From the sand dunes of Zabu on the shore of the sea to the border of Anšan
36. sim{muszen} e2-bi-a ba-ra-an-dal-a-gin7 uru17-ni-sze3 nu-gur-re-dam#?
 en: Like a swallow that has flown from(!?) its house (= nest), he is not to return to his city
37. {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na gu2 min4{min}-a-bi u2 hul mu2-mu2-de3
 en: So that malevolent plants grow on both banks of the Tigris and Euphrates
38. kaskal-e giri3 nu-ga2-ga2-de3# har-ra-an nu-kinx(UR4)-kinx(UR4)-de3
 en: So that no one sets foot on the road, so that no one seeks the path
1. uru17 a2-dam ki gar-gar-ra-ba du6-du6-ra szid-de3
 en: In order to break up the founded city and (outlying) settlements into ruin mounds
2. ug3 sag-gig2 lu-lu-a-ba {gesz}hasz#-e ke3-de3
 en: In order to smite the teeming black-headed people with the haš weapon
3. GAN2-ne2 zi-de3 {gesz}al nu-ru#-gu2#-de3 numun ki nu-tag-ge-de3
 en: So that the hoe does not penetrate the fertile field, so that the seed is not planted
4. e-el-lu szir3 gu4 sub2-sub2-ba edin-na# nu-di-de3
 en: So that the e'ellu, the song of the going oxen, is not sung in the plain
5. e2-tur3-ra i3 ga-ar3-ra nu-ke3-de3 x szu ha-lam-e-de3
 en: So that butter and cheese(?) are not made in the cattlepen, so that ... is destroyed
6. sipa-de3 {gesz}ukur-ra amasz ku3-ga szu nu-ni10-ni10-de3
 en: So that the shepherd does not circle around (herding) within the corral and the holy sheepfold
7. i-lu-lam-ma dun5-dun5 {dug}szakir3-ra amasz-a nu-di-de3
 en: So that the ilulama song, the churning of the churn, is not sung in the sheepfold
8. edin-na masz2-ansze tur-re-de3 nig2-zi-gal2 til-le-de3
 en: In order to diminish the herd, in order to finish the wild animals
9. nig2-ur2-limmu2 {d#}szakkan-ke4 szurim ki nu-tag-ge-de3
 en: So that the dung/bedding of the quadrupeds of Sumuqan does not touch the ground
10. ambar-re szu ki-in-dar di-de3 numun nu-tuku-tuku-de3
 en: So that in the marshes (wet land) is turned into cracked land, so that they do not acquire seeds
11. gesz-gi gi sag hul mu2-mu2-de3 hab2-ba usz-u3-de3
 en: So that the “evil-headed” reed grows in the wetlands, so that (the wetlands) die with a stench(?)
12. pu2 {gesz}kiri6 u2 gibil-la2 nu-me-a ni2-ba szu2-szu2-u3-de3
 en: So that the irrigated orchard with no new growth covers itself over
13. uri2{ki} am gal u3-na gub-ba ni2-bi-ta nir-gal2
 en: Urim, the great wild bull standing wildly, noble in and of itself
14. iri numun nam-en nam-lugal-la ki sikil-la du3-a#
 en: The city where the seed of the en-ship and kingship is planted in a pure place
15. gu4-gin7 saman ul4-la-bi szub-bu-de3 gu2 ki-sze3 la2#-e-de3
 en: In order to fell it quickly with a tethering rope like a bull, in order to bring its neck to the ground
16. an {d}en#-lil2# {d}en-ki {d}nin-hur-sag-ga2-ke4 nam-bi ba-an-tar-re-esz
 en: An, Enlil, Enki and Ninhursag decreed its fate
17. nam-tar-[...] nu#-kur2-ru-dam a-ba szu mi-ni-ib2-bala-e
 en: That determined fate is something that cannot be changed--who can alter it?
18. inim du11-[... {d}]en-lil2-kam sag a-ba mu-un-ga2-ga2
 en: It is the command of An and Enlil--who could confront it?
19. an-ne2 ki-[...]-tusz#-ba bi2-in-hu-luh ug3-e ni2 bi2-in-te
 en: An terrified within the dwelling of Sumer, the people were frightened
20. {d}en-lil2-[...] gig#-ga mu-un-zal iri#-a# me# bi2-ib-gar
 en: Enlil made a painful day elapse, silence befell the city
21. {d}nin-tur5-re ama5# kalam-ma-ke4 {gesz}ig-szu-ur2 im-mi-in-gub
 en: Nintur set (open?) the bolt (in the street) at the women's quarters of the land
22. {d}en-ki-ke4 {i7}idigna {i7}buranun-na a im-ma-da-an-kesz2
 en: Enki bound up the water away from the Tigris and Euphrates
23. {d}utu nig2-si-sa2 inim gin6-na ka-ta ba-da#-an#-kar
 en: Utu took away justice and the true word from the mouth (of anyone that would speak it)
24. {d}inanna-ke4 me3 szen-szen-na# ki-bala-e ba#-an-szum2
 en: Inanna gave the battle and combat (to the enemy) in the rebel land
25. {d}nin-gir2-su-ke4 ki-en-gi ga-gin7# ur-e ba#-ni-in-de2
 en: Ningirsu poured out Sumer like milk among the dogs
26. kalam-ma ga#-ba-ra-hum im-ma-an-szub nig2 lu2 nu-zu-a
 en: Rebellion fell upon the land, it was something no one knew
27. nig2 igi nu-gal2-la inim nu-gal2-la nig2 szu nu-te-ge26#-dam
 en: It was something unseen (before), and (for which) there was no word, something not to be accepted(?)
28. kur-kur-re e2# ni2-ta-bi-a szu suh3-a ba-ab-du11
 en: The lands were confused in their very own temples(!?)
29. iri{ki}-ba dingir iri{ki}-bi-e-ne bar-ta ba-sugx(DU)-ge-esz
 en: In the city, the gods of that city stood outside
30. nam-lu2-lux(URU) e2#? ni2-te-bi-a zi gig# mu#-un-pa-an-pa-an
 en: Humanity breathed painfully in their very own homes(?)
31. u4-de3 szu-ne-ne ba-du3-du3 u4 nu-mu-un#-szi-ib2-gur-re
 en: The storm bound their hands, the storm will not return them
32. u4 gi4-a mu-un-na-tuku-am3 u4 dur2-bi-sze3# nu-um-DU
 en: The storm acquired blocking(?) for them(?), it did not go(?) towards their (sturdy) bottom(?)
33. {d}en#-lil2 sipa sag-gig2-ga-ke4 a-na bi2-in-ak-a-bi
 en: This is what Enlil, the shepherd of the black-headed people, did
34. {d}en#-lil2-le e2 zi gul-gul-lu-de3 lu2 zi tur-re-de3
 en: Enlil, in order for Enlil to destroy the true temple and diminish the true man
35. dumu lu2# zi#-da#?-ke4#? dumu# sag#-e igi hul#-bi dim2-me-de3
 en: In order to exert the evil eye upon the son of the true man, the eldest son
36. u4#-ba# {d#}[...] gu#-ti-um!{ki} kur-ta im-ta-an-e11
 en: At that time Enlil brought down Gutium from the mountain
  single ruling
37. x x [...]
 en: ...

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  • Artifact type: Tablet
  • Material: Clay
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  • Genre(s): Literary (ETCSL 2.02.03 Lament for Sumer and Ur (witness))
  • Language(s): Sumerian

  • history: UET 6, 0124

    [Gadd1963] Gadd, Cyril J., and Aaron Shaffer. 1963, 1966.

  • history: Lamentation over Sumer and Ur, p.31

    [Michalowski1989LamentationSumer] Michalowski, Piotr. 1989. The Lamentation over the Destruction of Sumer and Ur. Vol. 1. Mesopotamian Civilizations. Winona Lake, Ind : Eisenbrauns.

  • Composite No.:
  • Museum No.: BM —
  • Accession No.:

  • Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)
  • Elevation:
  • Stratigraphic Level:
  • Excavation No: U 16900e
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