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Atf update submitted by Jagersma, Bram on 2018-06-05 at 04:41:08 with credits to Jagersma, Bram

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
VS 16, 039 (P372894) 2311899
hu-bu-ut-ma only appears a few times in words list
i-be2-ru-u2 only appears a few times in words list
&P372894 = AbB 06, 039 = VS 16, 039
#atf: lang akk
1. a-na a-hu-ni
2. qi2-bi2-ma
3. um-ma be-la-nu-um-ma
4. {d}utu u3 {d}marduk li-ba-al-li-t,u2-ka
5. 1(asz) _gur sze_ a-na _sza3-gal ansze-kur-ra hi-a_
6. hu-bu-ut-ma
7. _ansze-kur-ra hi-a_ li-ku-lu
8. la i-be2-ru-u2
$ blank space
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