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Atf update submitted by Firth, Richard on 2017-06-01 at 11:14:56 with credits to Firth, Richard

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
JAOS 098, 253 03 (P392526) 2289242
nig2-kad4 only appears a few times in words list
kad4 only appears a few times in signs list
&P392526 = JAOS 098, 253 03
#atf: lang sux
1. [n] 5(disz) {kusz}du10#-[gan?]
2. [nig2]-kad4 x x [...]
3. [...]
4. [...]
5. [x] szu [...]
1. szu ba-an-ti
2. iti du6-[ku3]
3. mu {d}isz-bi-er3#-[ra] lugal-e lu2 su-[a] u3# elam bi2-[ra]
3. mu {d}isz-bi-er3#-[ra] lugal-e szimaszgi2# u3# elam bi2-[ra]
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