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Atf update submitted by Firth, Richard on 2017-03-03 at 09:37:44 with credits to Niederreiter, Zoltán;

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
TCUR 05 (P500192) 2275990
&P500192 = TCUR 05
#atf: lang sux
1. 1(disz) udu-nita2
2. 2(disz) u8 2(disz) sila4
3. 1(disz) ud5 1(disz) masz2
4. sa2-du11 {d}be-la-at-suh-nir
5. {d}be-la-at-dar-ra-ba-an
1. an-nu-ni-tum
2. {d}ul-ma-si-tum
3. iti ezem-{d}nin-a-zu
4. mu us2-sa e2 puzur4-isz-{d}da-gan ba-du3 mu us2-sa-bi
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