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approved by CDLI

Atf update submitted by Foxvog, Daniel A. on 2016-07-22 at 13:34:28 with credits to Foxvog, Daniel A.

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
CUSAS 27, 244 (P329218) 2261257
|SZU+LAGAB| does not appear in words list
|SZU+LAGAB| does not appear in signs list
&P329218 = CUSAS 27, 244
#atf: lang sux
$ beginning broken
1'. [_szu_] 1(disz) mu
$ double ruling
2'. |SZU+LAGAB| 1(gesz2@c) 3(u@c) ud5
3'. an-na mu-kux(DU)
4'. 1(gesz2@c) 2(u@c) 1(asz@c) masz2#-gal [...] sza3-du10
1. na-ba-lu5
2. mu-kux(DU)
3. _in_ 1(disz)# mu
4. _in_ [x x] x{ki}
5. x [...] a
$ rest broken
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