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Atf update submitted by Englund, Robert K. on 2015-02-02 at 16:46:44 with credits to Englund, Robert K.

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
RIME 4.02.06.x2001 composite (P448351) 2235099
lu2-{d}en-ki-ka only appears a few times in words list
&P448351 = RIME composite
#atf: lang sux
@object composite
@surface a
1. {d}nergal
#tr.en: To Nergal
2. lugal-a-ni-ir
#tr.en: his master,
3. nam-ti
#tr.en: for the life
4. a-bi2-sa-re-e
#tr.en: of Abi-sare,
5. nita kal-ga
#tr.en: the mighty man,
6. lugal uri2{ki}-ma
#tr.en: king of Ur
7. lugal larsa{ki}-ma
#tr.en: and king of Larsa,
8. ARAD-{d}utu
#tr.en: ARAD-{d}utu
9. bur-gul
#tr.en: the engraver,
10. dumu lu2-{d}en-ki-ka
#tr.en: son of Lu-Enki,
11. nam-ti-la-ni-sze3
#tr.en: (also) for his own life
12. a mu-na-ru
#tr.en: dedicated it (this mace head).
#tr.en: dedicated it (this).
# ex. 01: this = mace head
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