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Atf update submitted by Foxvog, Daniel A. on 2014-06-23 at 11:36:15 with credits to Foxvog, Daniel A.

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RIME composite (P448285) 2225983
dingir-re-e-ne-ra only appears a few times in words list
ezen only appears a few times in words list
mah-na only appears a few times in words list
igi-ni-sze3 only appears a few times in words list
in-gub only appears a few times in words list
ib2-x-be2-a only appears a few times in words list
asz2-bala-ba-a-ke4-esz only appears a few times in words list
dingir-ga2 only appears a few times in words list
ezen only appears a few times in signs list
&P448285 = RIME, ex. 01 & RIME composite
&P448285 = RIME composite
#atf: lang sux
@object composite text
1. {d}nin-lil2
#tr.en: For Ninlil,
2. nin dingir-re-e-ne-ra
#tr.en: queen of the gods,
3. {d}i-din-{d}da-gan lugal-e
#tr.en: Iddin-Dagan, the king,
4. uruda uruda alan gal-gal min-a-bi mu-na-dim2
#tr.en: fashioned two big copper statues
5. nibru{ki}-sze3 nu-un-de6
#tr.en: but did not bring them to Nippur.
6. szu {d}i-din-{d}da-gan-ta
#tr.en: From (the hands of) Iddin-Dagan
7. en-na {d}en-lil2-ba-ni lugal-e
#tr.en: until Enlil-bani, the king,
8. mu 1(gesz2) 5(u) 7(disz)-kam
#tr.en: it was 117 years
9. sza3 i3-si-in-na-ka i3-su8-ge-esz-am3
#tr.en: that they stood in Isin.
10. {d}nin-lil2-le sza3 hul2-la-ni-ta
#tr.en: Ninlil, with a happy heart
11. al in-du3 in-du11-ma
#tr.en: desired it and gave command, and so
12. {d}en-lil2-ba-ni lugal kal-ga
#tr.en: Enlil-bani, the strong king,
13. lugal i3-si-in-na lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri
#tr.en: king of Isin, king of Sumer and Akkad,
14. ki-ag2 {d}en-lil2 u3 {d}nin-lil2
#tr.en: beloved of Enlil and Ninlil,
15. {uruda}alan gal-gal min-a-bi
#tr.en: those two big copper statues
16. sza3 i3-si-in-na-ta
#tr.en: from within Isin
17. nibru{ki}-sze3 in-de6
#tr.en: to Nippur he had brought.
18. kisal-mah e2 ga2-gesz-szu2-a-ka
#tr.en: In the great courtyard of the Gageššua temple
19. {d}nin-lil2 nin-a-ni-ir mu-na-gub
#tr.en: before Ninlil his mistress he set them up.
20. mu-bi-sze3 {d}nin-lil2-le
#tr.en: Because of this, Ninlil
21. nam-ti {d}en-lil2-ba-ni
#tr.en: of the life of Enlil-bani
22. ki {d}en-lil2-la2-ta u4-bi ba-ni-in-su3
#tr.en: from (her) place (beside) Enlil she did lengthen its days.
23. lu2 mu-sar-ra-ba szu bi2-<ib-ur3-ra>
#tr.en: A person who shall erase this inscription,
24. {d}en-lil2 lugal-mu u3 {d}nin-lil2 nin-mu
#tr.en: may Enlil my master and Ninlil my mistress
25. nam ha-ba-an-da-ku5-ru-ne
#tr.en: curse him.
$ single ruling
@surface a
26. {d}nin-lil2 nin dingir-re-e-ne-ra
#tr.en: For Ninlil, queen of the gods,
27. {d}i-din-{d}da-gan lugal kal-ga
#tr.en: Iddin-Dagan, the strong king,
28. {uruda}alan ezen mah?-na mu-na-dim2
#tr.en: fashioned for her a copper statue ...
29. igi-ni-sze3 in-gub
#tr.en: and set it up before her.
30. nam-ti-la-ni-sze3 a mu-na-ru
#tr.en: For his life he dedicated it to her.
31. lu2 a2 nig2-hul-dim2-ma ib2-szi-ag2-ge26-a
#tr.en: A person who shall issue a wicked order
#tr.en: A person who shall issue an order of wickedness
32. nig2 dim2-ma-mu ib2-x-be2-<a>
#tr.en: and shall ... that which I have fashioned,
33. mu-sar-ra-ba mu-ni bi2-<ib2-sar-re-a>
#tr.en: who shall write his name on my inscription,
34. asz2-bala-ba-a-ke4-esz
#tr.en: or because of the curse
35. <lu2-kur2 szu ba-an-zi-zi-a>
#tr.en: shall incite another person to do it,
36. lu2-ba {d}en-lil2 lugal-mu {d}nin-lil2 nin-mu
#tr.en: that person may Enlil my master, Ninlil my mistress,
37. {d}da-gan dingir-ga2 nam ha-ba-an-da-ku5-ru-ne
#tr.en: and Dagan my (personal) god curse him.
#tr.en: and Dagān my (personal) god curse him.
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