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Atf update submitted by Englund, Robert K. on 2013-08-19 at 16:06:58 with credits to Englund, Robert K.

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
RIME, ex. add119 (P393122) 2204048
ki-uru does not appear in words list
e2-me-te-nam-lugal-la only appears a few times in words list
gu-la-mu only appears a few times in words list
uru only appears a few times in signs list
&P393122 = RIME, ex. add119
#atf: lang sux
@object cone
@surface a
@column 1
1. {d#}li-pi2-it-esz4-tar
1. {d#}li-pi2-it-esz18-dar
2. sipa sun5#-na#
3. nibru#{ki#}
4. engar zi#
5. uri5{ki}-ma
6. musz3 nu-tum2#-mu
7. eridu{ki}-ga
8. en me#-te#
9. unu#{ki#}-ga
10. lugal i3-si-in{ki}-na
11. lugal ki-en-gi ki-uru
@column 2
1. sza3-ge de6-a
2. {d}inanna-me-en
3. u4 nig2-si-sa2
4. ki-en-gi ki-uri-a
5. i-ni-in-gar-ra
6. e2-me-te-nam-lugal-la
7. e2 ki-tusz gu-la-mu
8. mu-du3
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