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approved by CDLI

Atf update submitted by Dahl, Jacob L. on 2008-01-10 at 12:47:54 with credits to Dahl, Jacob L.

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
BPOA 01, 1443 (P340098) 2162399
ATF: Syntax error at line 2 col 2: @obverse
dib5-ba does not appear in words list
erin2-na-ka(|LAGAbxGU4|) does not appear in words list
dib5 only appears a few times in signs list
ka(|LAGAbxGU4|) does not appear in signs list
&P340098 = BPOA 1, 1443
# BDTNS ID = 059150
1. pisan dub-ba
2. kiszib dib5-ba a2 erin2-na-ka(|LAGAbxGU4|)
3. lugal-ku3-zu nu-banda3 gu4
4. iti 1(u) 4(disz)-kam
5. iti sze-sag11-ku5 mu na-ru2-a-mah ba-du3-ta
1. iti sze-sag11-ku5 mu ma-da za-ab-sza-li{ki} ba-hul-sze3
2. mu na-ru2-a-mah ba-du3
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