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Atf update submitted by Englund, Robert K. on 2008-05-26 at 03:26:34 with credits to Englund, Robert K.

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
HS 1781 (P229951) 2127568
&P229951 = HS 1781
#atf: use lexical
#Kassite business expressions = AfO 50 42 no.34
#collations Alexa Bartelmus 2007
1. mu kur2-sze3
#lem: mu[year]; kur[different]
2. mu bala-la2
#lem: mu[year]; bala[turn]
3. mu im-ma
#lem: mu[year]; imma[last year]
4. mu an-na
#lem: mu[year]; ana[upper]
5. mu us2-sa
#lem: mu[year]; us[follow]
6. mu us2-sa-a
#lem: mu[year]; us[follow]
7. mu hul gal2
#lem: mu[year]; hulu[bad]; jal[be]
8. mu AN-x#
#lem: mu[year]; u
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