Update event

approved by Dahl, Jacob L.

Atf update submitted by Lafont, Bertrand on 2024-04-11 at 09:39:38 with credits to Ozaki Tohru;

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
PBJI 06 (P382196) 2372908
&P382196 = PBJI 06
#atf: lang sux
1. 1(gesz2) sa gi
2. ga2-nun kar-ta?
3. ki a-a-kal-la-ta
4. kiszib3 lugal-nir
1. iti sze-sag11-ku5
$ blank space
# seal impression
2. mu us2-sa na-du3-a-mah ba-du3
@seal 1
$ (illegible)
1. lugal#-[nir]
2. dub-[sar]
3. dumu ur-[{d}szara2]
4. sza13-[dub-ba-ka]
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