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approved by Pagé-Perron, Émilie

Atf update submitted by Pagé-Perron, Émilie on 2023-06-08 at 17:35:40 with credits to Englund, Robert K.; Foxvog, Daniel A.; Frayne, Douglas R.;

Changes to inscriptions in this update

Artifact Revision Changes
RIME 3/, ex. 01 (P273292) 2361171
u3-ha-li-qu2-na only appears a few times in words list
&P273292 = IME 3/, ex. 01
#atf: lang akk
@object brick
@surface a
1. {d}szul-gi
#tr.en: Šulgi,
2. _dingir_ ma-ti-szu
#tr.en: the god of his country,
3. da-num2
#tr.en: the mighty,
4. _lugal_ uri5{ki}
#tr.en: king of Ur
5. _lugal_ ki-ib-ra-tim
#tr.en: and king of the world quarters
6. ar-ba-im
#tr.en: the four,
7. i3-nu
#tr.en: when
8. ma-at ki-masz{ki}
#tr.en: the countries of Kimaš
9. u3 hu-ur-tim{ki}
#tr.en: and Hurtim
10. u3-ha-li-qu2-na
#tr.en: he obliterated,
11. hi-ri-tam2
#tr.en: a ditch
12. isz-ku-un
#tr.en: he created
13. u3 bi2-ru-tam2
#tr.en: and an embankment
14. ib-ni
#tr.en: he built.
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