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MDP 17, 112 (P008310)

Primary Publication: Scheil, Vincent (1923) MDP 17 112

Collection: Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Museum no.: Sb 19517

Provenience: Susa (mod. Shush)

Period: Proto-Elamite (ca. 3100-2900 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

 atf: lang qpc
1. |M327+M342| ,
2a. M217~h M059# M387~c M218 M370? M317 , 1(N01)
2b. M054 , 2(N02)
2c. M072 , 1(N01)
2d. M323 M124 M386~a M240 M072 , 2(N01)
3a. M210~d M111~l M388 M032 M387 M218 M317 , 1(N01)
3b. M054 , 2(N02)
4a. M112~n M388 M218 M386~a M317 , 1(N01)
4b. M054 , 2(N02)
5a. M093~a M388 M285~ba1 M317 , 1(N01)#
5b. M054 , 2(N02)
5c. M072 , 1(N01)
6a. M387~l M372~a M388 M049~c1 M230~a1 M371 M317 , 1(N01)
6b. M003~b , 1(N01)
6c. M054 , 1(N01)
6d. M373 , 1(N01)
7a. M112~o M388 M024~1 M033 M371 M317 , 1(N01)
7b. M003~b , 1(N01)
7c. M373# M054 , 1(N01)
7d. M373 , 1(N01)
7e. M072 , 1(N01)
column 1
1. M072 , 1(N01)
2a. M051~a M388 M218 M229~e M371 M317 , 1(N01)
2b. M054 , 1(N01)
2c. M046 , 1(N01)
3a. x M388 x M295~a? M218 M317 , 1(N01)
3b. M054 , 1(N01)
4a. M112~p M066~a M066~a M317 , 1(N01)
4b. M003~b , 1(N01)
4c. M054 M372# x M072 , 1(N01)
5a. |M377~e+M377~e| M388 M004 M004 M218 M317 , 1(N01)
5b. M003~b , 1(N01)
6a. M054 M370 M386~a#? M386~a M373 , 1(N01)
6b. M072 , 1(N01)
7. M051~a M388 M024# M033 M371 M317 , 1(N01)
8a. M218# M373#? M387 M372~a M388 |M297+M296| M371 M317 , 1(N01)
8b. M054 , 1(N01)
8c. M072 , 1(N01)
column 2
1. M317 , 1(N14) 2(N01)
2. M054 , 1(N14) 7(N01)
3. M373 , 3(N01)
4. M072 , 9(N01)
5. M046 , 1(N01)
6. M139? M032 M387 M218

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