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AnBiblica 12, 276 (P100990)

Has seal impression(s)

Impressed with seal(s): S005973

Primary Publication: Nougayrol, Jean (1959) AnBiblica 12, 276

Collection: Schaeffer, C.F.A., France

Museum no.: Schaeffer 1

Provenience: Puzriš-Dagan (mod. Drehem)

Period: Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

Date: Ibbi-Suen.02.01.00

 atf: lang sux
1. 1(u) sze gur
2. nig2-ba lugal
3. ulu3-di musz-lah5 {d}nanna
4. lugal-ma2-gur8-re maszkim
5. ki ensi2 umma{ki}-ta
1. ba-zi
  blank space
2. iti sze-sag11-ku5
3. mu en {d}inanna unu{ki} masz2-e i3-pa3
seal 1
column 1
1. {d}i-bi2-{d}suen
2. lugal kal-ga
3. lugal# uri5{ki}-ma
4. lugal# an-ub-da limmu2-ba-ke4
column 2
1. ur-nigar#[{gar}]
2. sza13-dub-[ba]
3. ARAD2-da-ni-[ir]
4. in-na-[ba]

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CDLI Seals 005973 (composite) (P458683)

Seal Composite

Seal No.: S005973

Composite No.: Q005022

Primary Publication: Mayr, Rudolf H.; Owen, David I. (2004) Fs Pettinato p.146-174 p. 168 25


Museum no.:

Provenience: Puzriš-Dagan (mod. Drehem)

Period: Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)

Object Type: seal (not impression)

Material: stone

 atf: lang sux
object seal
surface a
column 1
1. {d}i-bi2-{d}suen
 en: Ibbi-Suen,
2. lugal kal-ga
 en: strong king,
3. lugal uri5{ki}-ma
 en: king of Ur,
4. lugal an-ub-da limmu2-ba-ke4
 en: king of the four corners
column 2
1. ur-nigar{gar}
2. sza13-dub-ba
3. ARAD2-da-ni-ir
 en: his servant
4. in-na-ba
 en: (this seal) presented.

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