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RIME 3/2.01.02.add102, ex.01 (P533184)


Witness to composite(s): Q009690

Primary Publication: Reade, Julian E.; Taylor, Jonathan (2018) Beads Indus BM 102580

Collection: British Museum, London, UK

Museum no.: BM 102580


Period: Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)

Object Type: Small Finds > bead

Material: stone > mineral > carnelian

 atf: lang sux
object bead
surface a
column 1
1. {d}ba-ba6
 en: For Bau
2. dumu an-na
 en: daughter of An
3. nin iri ku3-ga-ra
 en: Lady of Iri-kug
4. {d}szul-gi
 en: Šulgi
5. nita kal-ga
 en: powerful man
  1 line blank
column 2
1. lugal# [uri5]{ki#}-[ma-ke4]
 en: king of Ur
2. nam-[ti-la-ni-sze3]
 en: For his life (well-being)
  1 line blank
3. a mu#-[na-ru]
 en: dedicated (this bead) for him.

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