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UmCT 2, 065 (P525079)

Has seal impression(s)

Impressed with seal(s): S999999

Primary Publication: al-Mutawalli, Nawala Ahmed; Isma’el, Khalid Salim; Sallaberger, Walther (2019) UmCT 2 65

Collection: National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

Museum no.: IM 174803

Provenience: Umma (mod. Tell Jokha)

Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)

Object Type: bulla

Material: clay

Date: Sumuel.05.06.00

 atf: lang sux
object bulla
1. 2(u) 5(asz) gur sa2-du11 {d}szara2
2. 3(asz) gur sza3-gal ansze kunga2
3. 1(asz) gur sza3-gal ansze-kur
4. 1(asz) 1(barig) gur sze-ba lu2 al-ar3-ra
5. szu ti-a {d}szara2-an-dul3
6. u3 {d}szara2-zi-mu
7. sze esz2-gar3 a-sza3 la-sa3-pa-nu libir-ra
1. giri3 e-te-e-a
2. {disz}pu-zi-ia
3. u3 er3-ra-i-mi-ti
  blank space
4. iti kin-{d}inanna
5. mu gu2-ISZ-DU3{ki} in-dab5-ba-a
seal 1
1. {d}szara2-an-dul3
2. dumu ur-{d}szara2
3. gudu4 {d}szara2
seal 2
  = Seal 14, UmCT 2 p. 143

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