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RINAP 2, Sargon II 05 composite (P519727)


Composite No.: Q006486

Primary Publication: Frame, Grant (2021) RINAP 2, Sargon II 05 composite


Museum no.:

Provenience: Dur-Šarrukin (mod. Khorsabad)

Period: Neo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)

Object Type:


Date: Sargon2.00.00.00

 atf: lang akk
object composite text
surface a
  beginning broken
1'. [...] x x x x x? x x x x [...]
 en: ...
2'. _kur-gi{muszen}-mesz uz-tur{muszen}-mesz_ ma-har-szu2-un aq-qi2 asz2-szu2 sza2-kan _bad5-bad5_ {disz}{d}marduk-a-szum2-na _dumu_ {disz}ia-ki-ni _numun_ {lu2}kal-di hi-ri-is, _gal5-la2_
 tr-en: geese (and) ducks before them I sacrificed. In order to bring about the defeat of Mardtuk-apla-iddina (Merodach-baladan II), descendant of Yakin, of Chaldean descent, the (very) image of a gallu(-demon)
3'. lem-ni am-hur-szu2-nu-ti i-na su-pe-e u3 te-me-qi ma-har-szu-un ut-nin ul-tu i-sin-ni _en gal_-i {d}marduk u2-szal-li-mu x [...]
 en: evil, I appealed to them (the gods). With entreaties and supplications I prayed to them. After the festival of the great lord, Marduk, I had finished ...
  rest broken

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