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CT 52, 137 + (P481884)

Primary Publication: Walker, Christopher B. F. (1976) CT 52 137

Collection: British Museum, London, UK

Museum no.: BM 055054 + BM 055219

Provenience: Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah)

Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay


 atf: lang akk
  beginning broken
1'. [...] x x x x [...]
2'. [lu sza-al]-ma-ta lu ba-al#-[t,a-ta]
3'. [_dingir_ na]-s,i#-ir-ka re-esz-ka a-na da-mi#-[iq-tim li-ki-il]
4'. [a-na szu]-ul-mi-ka asz-pu-ra#-[am]
5'. [szu-lum]-ka# ma-har {d}utu {d}marduk u3 be-li2-ia sa-am-su#-[di-ta-na]
6'. [lu] da-ri
7'. [asz-szum] sza a-hi at-ta ib-ni-{d}marduk _ARAD_-ka
8'. [ki]-a-am ta-asz-pu-ra-am um-ma at-ta-ma#
9'. [x x] sza# _1(u) ma-na ku3-babbar_ szi-ta-a-am szu-bi-lam-ma
10'. [x x] x lu-sza-bi-la-ak-ku sza ta-asz-pu-ra-am
11'. [ki-ma] a-hi at-ta ti-du-u2
12'. [sza]-at#-tam _lu2-kur2_ asz2-nun-na{ki} sza isz-tu la-bi-ir-tim
13'. [x] x-am sza be-li2-ia la am-ru3 il-li-kam-ma
14'. [x x] x x ZI2 uq-ta-al-li
15'. [...] x x [...] x
  rest broken
  beginning broken
1'. [x (x)] x u2-ul u2-sza-bi#-[la-am?]
2'. a-na 1(u) _u4_-mi sza pa-ni-i-ka# a-am-ma-ar#-[ma]
3'. a-na babila2{ki} a-al-la#-[kam]
4'. i-na ne-qe2-el-pi2-ia _udu-nita2_ sza x [...]
5'. an-ni-tam iq-bi-a-am
6'. _ugula mar-tu_ lu-u2 a-na babila2{ki} a-[...] qu2#-ur2-ru-ub
7'. [x x] x x x-BI-szu i-ip-pa#-[al? ...] x
8'. [...] x ti {d}utu
9'. [...] a
10'. [...] x

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