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CDLI Literary 000525 (Samsu-iluna B) composite (P481146)


Composite No.: Q000525

Primary Publication:


Museum no.:

Provenience: uncertain (mod. uncertain)

Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)

Object Type:


 atf: lang sux
object composite text
  beginning broken
1'. zi [...]
2'. zi [...]
3'. zi x [...]
4'. mu-za [...]
5'. ti ku3 [...]
6'. {d}en-ki an [...]
7'. nun sa-am-su-i-lu-na [...]
8'. me-lem4 dagal-sze3 dul-la [...]
9'. {gesz}gu-za-zu {d}en-ki-ke4 [...]
10'. gidru mu u4 su3-ra2 sag-e-esz [...]-rig7
11'. aga-zu {d}utu-gin7 [...] he2-[...]
12'. nam-lugal-zu an ki-gin7 he2-ge-en
13'. ma-da ug3 lu-a lugal-bi he2-me-en
14'. ug3-e sipa zi-bi he2-me-en
15'. ug3 dur2-ru-na-bi na-gada-bi he2-me-en
16'. {d}utu-gin7 di gi-na dab5-be2-da-zu-ne
17'. x x x szar2-ra nig2?-gi mu sa4 x x x x [...]
18'. sa-am-su-i-lu-na lugal inim sa6-sa6-ge {d}utu-kam-me-en
19'. lugal-e-ne sag-kal-bi he2-me-en
20'. kur gu2-erim2-gal2-la-zu u4 husz-gin7 du7-zu-ne
21'. lugal gu2 an-sze3 he2-ni-zi
22'. sa-am-su-i-lu-na gu2 an-sze3 he-ni-zi
23'. ka2-dingir-ra{ki} iri me {d}suen-na-ka nam-gal-zu u4-gin7 pa he2-ni-ib2-e3
24'. {d}marduk dingir sag du3-zu gu2-en nun-e-ne-ka sag-zu he2-eb2-il2-le
25'. ki me3 szen-szen gesz-gesz-la2-a-ka da-za ga2-la na-an-ni-ib-dag-ge
26'. a2-tah {gesz}tukul-zu he2-me u4 su3-ra2-sze3 he2-ba-e-diri-ga?
27'. an lugal dingir-re-e-ne-ke4 zi-zu? u4 su3-ra2-sze3 he2-me-da-gal2
28'. {d}en-lil2 lugal kur-kur-ra-ke4? inim-zu ge-en-na inim?-zu ha-ba-ab-dugud
29'. {d}inanna nin gal an-na-ke4 inim ku3-ga-ni-a he2-bi2-ib2-ha-za
30'. {d}en-ki-ke4 ug3 szar2-ra szu-zu-sze3! hu-mu-un-gal2
31'. {d}asari ensi2 gal abzu kur?-kur kilib-ba na de5 ba-x-a nir-gal2 eridu{ki}-ga
32'. dingir x-ra-na kilib3-gal2 x x-e-ne-ke4 mu du10-ga he2-bi2-ib2-sa4 a2 nun gal-zu he2-a
33'. {d}namma ama e2-e x [...] ki ama kalam-ma-ka ka-za a he2-ga2-ga2
34'. {d}dam-gal-nun-na nin gal eridu{ki}-ga ki-nu2 du10 ul-le-esz sizkur2-re-da-ni
35'. mu-la2 hi-a [...]-ma dam-bi nu-til-e
36'. u4 he2-gal2-la u4 szu?-a [...] mu-ni-x-bur2-ra sa6-ga
37'. ki nitalam-a-ni-ta szudu3 ha-mu-ra-ab-be2
38'. dingir gub-ba {d}lamma abzu lu2 inim-gar sa6-ga-zu he2-a AB-e x x-a u4 da-ri2-sze3
39'. sa-am-su-i-lu-na lugal-gu10

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