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RIMI nn (P471656)


Witness to composite(s): needed

Primary Publication: Walker, Christopher B. F. (nn) RIMI nn

Collection: National Car Museum of Iran, Tehran, Iran

Museum no.: NCMI 002


Period: Middle Elamite (ca. 1300-1000 BC)

Object Type: brick

Material: clay

Date: Untaš-Napiriša.00.00.00

 atf: lang elx
object brick
surface a
1. u2 {disz}un-tasz-{d}gal sza-ak {disz}{d}hu-ban-nu-me-na-ki su-un-ki-ik an-za-an
 en: I am Untaš-napiriša, son of Ḫumbannumena, king of Anshan
2. szu-szu-un-ka ta-ak-me u2-me tu4-ur hi-ih si-it-me u2-me szu-ul-lu-me-ka
 en: and Susa. Wishing that my life and reign (will) constantly prosper
3. az-ki-it tu4-ur sah-ri hu-szu-ia in-ki2 hi-en-ka3 in-ti4-<ik>-ka3 a-ki2
 en: and that the extinction of lineage (at the time of) judgment (?) to me may not be granted, it is for this reason that
4. si-ia-an u2-pa-at hu-us-si-ip-me ku-ku-un-nu-um ub-ku-mi3-a ku-szi-ih
 en: a temple with baked brick, a kukunnû with glazed bricks I have built.
5. {d}in-szu-usz-na-ak si-ia-an ku-uk-ra in du-ni-ih u2 zag-ra-tu4-me
 en: To Inšušinak of siyan-kuk I gave it. A ziggurat
6. ki-ik-ki-te-eh hu-ut-tak ha-li-ik u2-me {d}in-szu-usz-na-ak ul-li-na te-la-ak-ni
 en: I raised. May my work to Inšušinak be dedicated.

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