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RIME composite (P462093)


Composite No.: Q001440

Primary Publication: Frayne, Douglas R. (1993) RIME 2 08.01.2001 composite


Museum no.:

Provenience: Umma (mod. Tell Jokha)

Period: Old Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC)

Object Type:


Date: Sharati-gubisin.00.00.00

 atf: lang sux
object composite text
surface a
1. {d}nin-|EZENxKUR|
 en: To the god Nin-EZENxKUR
2. lugal
 en: the king
3. hul-gal2 ra
 en: who smites the evil-doer,
4. nig2-du7-pa-e3
 en: Nigdu-pa’e
5. dub-sar
 en: the scribe
6. sza13-dub-ba
 en: and archivist
7. iri-sa12-rig7{ki}
 en: of the city of Irisagrig,
8. dumu ur-{gesz}kiri6
 en: son of Ur-kiri
9. dub-sar-ra-ke4
 en: the scribe,
10. nam-ti
 en: for the life
11. szar-a-ti-gu-bi-si-in
 en: of Šar-ati-gubisin
12. lugal-a-na-sze3
 en: his king,
13. nam-ti-la-ni-sze3
 en: and for his own life
14. nam-ti
 en: and the life
15. dam dumu-na-sze3
 en: of his wife and children,
16. a mu-na-ru
 en: dedicated (this).
surface b
1. nin-gesztin nin-abzu-a nam-szita-du11-du11 geme2-{d}inanna
 en: Nin-geštin, Nin-abzu’a, Namšita-dudu, Geme-Inanna.
surface c
1. geme2-mug-sag-ga2-na
 en: Geme-mug-sagana
2. dam-ni
 en: his wife.
surface d
1. sig4-kalam-i3-tu
 en: Sig-kalam-itu,
2. lugal-u4-an-na
 en: Lugal-u’ana.
surface 3
1. puzur4-e2-a
 en: Puzur-Ea
2. ur-{d}isztaran
 en: Ur-Ištaran.

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