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RIMI nn (P459570)


Witness to composite(s): needed

Primary Publication: Walker, Christopher B. F. (nn) RIMI nn

Collection: anonymous, Germany

Museum no.: Kress 220


Period: Middle Elamite (ca. 1300-1000 BC)

Object Type: brick

Material: clay

Date: Untash-Napirisha.00.00.00

 aft: lang elx
object brick
surface a
1. u3#? [{disz}]un#-tasz#-dgal# [sza]-ak# {disz}[hu-ban-nu-me-na-ki su-un-ki-ik an-za-an szu-szu-un-ka]
 en: I, Untaš-Napiriša, son of Humbanumena, king of Anšan, and of Susa,
2. ta-ak-me-u2#-me tu4#-ur hi-ih si#-[it-me-u2-me szu-ul-lu-me-ga az-ki-it tu4-ur sah-ri]
 en: anxious for my life to be continually prosperous, so that I may noy be granted
3. hu-szu-ia# in-gi hi-en-ga in#-[di-ig-ga a-gi si-ia-an u2-pa-at hu-us-si-ip-me ku-ku-un-nu-um]
 en: the extinction of my prosperous lineage, a temple of baked bricks and a sanctuary
4. up#-ku-mi-ia ku#-szi-ih {d}in-szu#-[usz-na-ak si-ia-an-ku-uk-ra in du-ni-ih u2 zag-ra-tu4-me]
 en: of glazed bricks I built; I gave it to Inšušinak of the Siyan-kuk and
5. ki-ik-ki-te-eh# hu-ut-tak ha-li#-[ik-u2-me din-szu-usz-na-ak ul-li-na te-la-ak-ni]
 en: I a temple tower erected. May what I made and toiled for, as a gift on my behalf, be acceptable to Inšušinak!

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