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RIME composite (P448402)


Composite No.: Q002116

Primary Publication: Frayne, Douglas R. (1990) RIME composite


Museum no.:

Provenience: Zabalam (mod. Ibzaikh)

Period: Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC)

Object Type:


Date: Warad-Sin.00.00.00

 atf: lang sux
object composite text
surface a
1. {d}inanna zabala2{ki}
 en: For Inanna of Zabalam,
2. dumu-munus {d}suen-na
 en: daughter of Sin,
3. nin-mu-ra
 en: my mistress,
4. ARAD2-{d}suen
 en: Warad-Sin,
5. lugal larsa{ki}-me-en
 en: the king of Larsa,
6. nam-ti-mu-sze3
 en: for my life
7. u3 nam-ti
 en: and the life
8. ku-du-ur-ma-bu-uk
 en: of Kudur-mabuk
9. a-a-ugu-ga2-sze3
 en: the father who begot me,
10. gi-gun4 ki ku3
 en: the high terrace, the sacred place,
11. e2 sag il2
 en: and the house which raises its head,
12. ki-tusz nam-ur-sag-ga2-ka-ni
 en: her residence of heroism,
13. lugal SZU-IGI-DU-ga2-ke4
 en: although, by my royal ancestors,
14. du3-u3-de3
 en: to the rebuilding of it
15. nu-un-sze-ga
 en: she was not agreeable,
16. ga2-ra sag-ki zalag-ga-ni-ta
 en: when to me, with her shining brow,
17. gibil-gibil-bi
 en: for the renewing of it
18. ma-an-du11-ga
 en: she gave the command,
19. gi-gun4 ki ku3 mu-du3
 en: a high terrace, the sacred place, I built.
20. kur sukud-ra2-gin7
 en: like a towering mountain
21. su-lim-ma igi bi2-in-il2
 en: I made it lift its face in brilliance,
22. u6-di kalam-ma-ka
 en: and as a marvel of the nation
23. he2-bi2-gub
 en: I made it stand.
24. inim sa6-sa6-ge-da-ga2
 en: With my making beautiful words
25. igi zi he2-en6-szi-bar
 en: may she regard me faithfully,
26. bala ka tesz2 se3-ke
 en: and a harmonious reign
27. mu sza3 du10-du10-ga
 en: and years of happiness
28. sag-e-esz
 en: as a gift
29. hu-mu-ni-rig7
 en: may she present to me.

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