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RIME composite (P448328)


Composite No.: Q001995

Primary Publication: Frayne, Douglas R. (1990) RIME 4 01.11.01 composite


Museum no.:

Provenience: Isin (mod. Bahriyat)

Period: Early Old Babylonian (ca. 2000-1900 BC)

Object Type:


Date: Zambiya.00.00.00

object composite
surface a
1. {d}za-am-bi-ia
 en: Zambiya,
2. sipa ni2 tuku
 en: shepherd who has respect
3. nibru{ki}
 en: for Nippur,
4. engar gu mah tum2
 en: farmer who brings tall flax
5. sze mah tum2
 en: and brings tall barley
6. esz3 dur-an-ki-sze3
 en: to the shrine Duranki,
7. u2-a zi
 en: faithful provider
8. kisal e2-gal-mah-a
 en: who the courtyard of the Egalmah
9. nig2 nam-he si-si
 en: fills with abundant things,
10. lugal i3-si-in{ki}-na
 en: king of Isin
11. lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri
 en: and king of Sumer and Akkad,
12. dam igi il2-la
 en: spouse regarded
13. {d}inanna
 en: by Inanna,
14. ki-ag2 {d}en-lil2
 en: and loved by Enlil
15. u3 {d}nin-isin2{si}-na-ka-ke4
 en: and Nininsina,
16. bad3 gal
 en: the great wall
17. i3-si-in{ki}-na
 en: of Isin
18. mu-du3
 en: he built.
19. bad3-ba
 en: Of that wall,
20. {d}za-am-bi-a
 en: Zambiya
21. _na-ra-am_ esz4-dar
 en: is the Beloved of Ištar
22. mu-bi-im
 en:is its name.

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