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CDLJ 2009/6 §1 (P388399)

Primary Publication: Widell, Magnus (2009) CDLJ 2009/6 §1

Collection: Gayle Corenbaum, Salem, Oregon, USA

Museum no.: Corenbaum 01

Provenience: Umma (mod. Tell Jokha)

Period: Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

Date: Amar-Suen.06.09.00

 atf: lang sux
1-2. 1(u) 1(disz) gurusz ugula lu2#-dingir-ra
 en: 11 laborers, foreman: Lu-dingira;
3. 3(disz) gurusz# ugula# lugal#-giri17-zal
 en: 3 laborers, foreman: Lugal-girizal;
4. 2(disz) gurusz# ugula# lu2#-saga
 en: 2 laborers, foreman: Lu-saga;
5. 1(u) 2(disz) gurusz# ugula# lu2#-{d}da-ia3
 en: 12 laborers, foreman: Lu-Daya;
6. 1(u) 6(disz)# gurusz# ugula# ur#-{gesz}gigir
 en: 16 laborers, foreman: Ur-gigir;
7. 1(u) 1(disz) gurusz ugula lugal#-[ma2]-gur8-[re]
 en: 11 laborers, foreman: Lugal-magure;
1-2. 1(u) 7(disz) gurusz 3(disz)# [gurusz] tu#-[ra] ugula lugal-mu-ma#-ag2#
 en: 17 laborers, 3 laborers, sick, foreman: Lugal-mumag;
3. gub-ba-am3
 en: are stationed,
4. sza3 bala-a
 en: part of the bala;
  blank space
5. iti {d}li9-si4
 en: month: “Lisi,”
  some text moved to next line
6. mu sza-asz-ru-um{ki} ba-hul
 en: year: “Šašrum was destroyed.”

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