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CDLI Literary 000636, ex. 004 & 000638, ex. 006 (P346206)


Witness to composite(s): Q000636: Q000638

Primary Publication:

Collection: British Museum, London, UK

Museum no.: BM —

Provenience: Ur (mod. Tell Muqayyar)

Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

 atf: lang sux
  beginning broken
1'. szesz#-[...]-en szesz#-[...]
 en: May you be our brother, may you be our brother
2'. SZESZ ka2 e2-gal-la x [...]
 en: May you be our brother/standard(?) of/at the gate of the palace
3'. u3-mu-un si ma2-gur8-me he2#-[...]
 en: May you be our lord of the prow of the barge
4'. nu-banda3 {gesz}gigir2-ra-me he2-me-en#
 en: May you be our captain of the chariot
5'. szusz3 {gesz}gigir2 sar-ra-me he2-me-en
 en: May you be our groom who runs (alongside?) the chariot
6'. ad-da iri# di ku5-ru-me he2-me-en
 en: May you be our city elder who decides cases
7'. mussa IM2 mussa IM2
 en: Son-in-law, ..., son-in-law, ...
8'. szesz!(MU) |SAL.MU.DI| ad-da-me he2-me-en
 en: Brother(!?), may you be the son-in-law(!?) of(?) our father
9'. mussa# gu2 zi-ga-me he2-me-en
 en: May you be our son-in-law whose neck is raised
10'. [...] nig2#-ze2-ba hu-mu#-x-x-x-[...]
 en: May my mother say good things with you(? i.e. converse)
11'. [...]-na#?-zu nam-ti# [...]
 en: Your having come is indeed life
12'. [...] x [...]
  rest broken
  beginning broken
1'. [...]-da#
 en: ...
2'. x [...]-me-er-gu10 ga2-e mu#-[un-ku7]-ku7#-da
 en: ..., my god(?)! He is the one that sweetens me(?)
3'. szu-ni# lal3-e [giri3]-ni# lal3-e ga2-e mu-un-ku7-ku7-da
 en: His hands (are) honey, his feet (are) honey that sweetens me(?)
4'. a2-szu-giri3-ni# lal3-e ku7-ku7-de3 ga2-e mu-un-ku7-ku7-da
 en: His limbs (are) sweet honey that sweetens me(?)
5'. hi{sar} sa6-sa6 x [...] hi{sar}-am3 x [...]
 en: The beautiful hiz plant ..., it is the hiz plant that he has watered
6'. x x x [...]
  rest broken

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