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HUCA 49, 016 & 046-047 10 (P342774)

Primary Publication: Powell, Marvin A. (1978) HUCA 49, p.1-58 p. 16 & p. 46-47 10

Collection: New York Public Library, New York, New York, USA

Museum no.: NYPLC 414


Period: Old Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

 atf: lang sux
column 1
1. 1(iku@c) 2(barig@c) sze GAN2! masz-da3
2. 1/2(iku@c) 2(barig@c) sze 2(asz@c) sze lugal-a2-hirinx(LAK175)
3. ur-e2-me
4. 1(iku@c) GAN2 1(asz@c) 4(ban2@c) sze uszurx(|LAL2xTUG2|)?-ni-du10 nagar-gal
5. 1/2(iku@c) GAN2 1(asz@c) 2(barig@c) sze inim-ma-ni-zi
6. igi-ga-zi
7. 1(iku@c) 2(barig@c) sze amar lu2-sipa
8. e2-zi lu2 esz2-gid2
9. 1/2(iku@c) 1/4(iku@c) GAN2 2(asz@c) 2(barig@c) sze mes-kalam-ni-du10
10. 1/4(iku@c) GAN2 2(barig@c) sze tul2-ba ur-e2-me
column 2
1. 1/4(iku@c) 2(barig@c)? GAN2 1(asz@c) 2(barig@c) sze ninda nigar szu-ku6 sanga-bi e-sir3(LAK611)
2. 1/2(iku@c) GAN2 1(asz@c) 2(barig@c) sze ur-tur munu4-mu2
3. 6(asz@c) 2(barig@c) a2-kal-le
4. 5(asz@c) munus-tur gala
5. 2(asz@c) nigar
6. ur-{d}en-ki
7. 2(asz@c) 2(barig@c) bara2-ga-ni-du10 sipa nig2 sanga {d}szara2
  larger script, centered on reverse as colophon
1. sze e3-a
  extra vertical after DU of E3
2. e2-utu-gal2-ka
  rest broken

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