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CT 43, 002 (P313292)

Primary Publication: Figulla, Hugo H. (1963) CT 43 2

Collection: British Museum, London, UK

Museum no.: BM 072766

Provenience: Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah)

Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

Date: Ammi-saduqa.15.09.16

1. a-na {d}amar-utu-mu-sza-lim
2. {disz}{d}amar-utu-la-ma-sa3-szu
3. u3 {d}suen-be-el-ap-lim
4. qi2-bi2-ma
5. um-ma am-mi-s,a-du#-qa2-ma
6. ki-ma x-x-da#-ga-al sa-am#-ha-ru-u2
7. u3 ka-asz#-ti#-il i x x x nu
8. pa-ni 1(disz) _li_ 5(disz) _me erin2_ sa-am-ha-ri-i x x x x i
9. a-na _ab2 gu4 hi-a u8 udu hi-a_ sza er-s,e-et zimbir#{ki}-ia-ah-<ru>-rum
10. sza-ha-t,i-im a-na li-ib-bu ma-tim i-bi-ru-nim
11. _dub-sar erin2_ sza _an-za-gar3_ sza _i7_ idigna i-hi-t,a2-am-ma
12. isz-pu-ra-am
13. a-wa-tum szi-i lu ki-it-tum lu ti-di-a asz-tap-ra-ak#-[ku-nu-szi-im?]
14. _abul_ a-di {d}utu la isz-qa2-a-am la ip-pe2-et-ti
15. _erin2_ wa-s,i-tum la u2-us,-s,i
16. ma-as,-sa-ra-a-tum lu du-un-nu-na
17. _lu2_ x ha nim i-na _bad3_ la u2-ur-ra-ad
18. szu-up-ra
19. _ab2 gu4 hi-a_ u3 _u8 udu hi-a_
20. sza# i-na er-s,e-et zimbir{ki}-ia-ah-ru#-[rum]
21. [i]-sza-hi-[t,u2]
1. ar-hi-isz a-na _sza3_ ma-tim li-is-su2#-[hu]
2. _erin2 lu2 kur2_ la i-ka-asz-sza-x-[x]
3. u3 lu!(KU) nu-uk-ku-da-tu-nu-ma#
4. a-na pi2-ha-at a-lim na-s,a-ri-im
5. la te-eg-gi-a
 single ruling
6. _iti gan-gan-e3 u4 1(u) 6(disz)-kam_
7. _mu_ am-mi-s,a-du-qa2 _lugal-e alan-a-ni szu silim-ma ab-di-di-e-de3-a {d}za-ba4-ba4 {d}inanna-bi-da-asz_

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