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MVN 03, 025 (P215683)

Primary Publication: Owen, David I. (1975) MVN 03, 025

Collection: Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Museum no.: FLP 0025


Period: Old Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

 atf: lang sux
1. 3(asz@c) sze gur sa2-du11-ta
 en: 3 gur barley, from the rations,
2. mu 1(disz@t)-kam
 en: 1st year;
3. 2(asz@c) 1/2(asz@c) ku3# gin2
 en: 2 1/2 shekels silver,
4. mu 3(disz@t)-ma-ka
 en: of the 3rd year;
5. 1/2(asz@c) ku3 gin2 mu 4(disz)-ma-ka
 en: 1/2 shekel silver, of the 4th year;
6. 1(asz@c) sze gur u4 sze ku3-ga
 en: 1 gur barley, day, barley of silver,
7. 2(barig@c) sze gur al-ag2-a
 en: 2 barig barley, gur, measured out,
8. e2 NI-ta
 en: from ... household,
9. 2(asz@c) sze gur a-ra2 1(disz)-kam
 en: 2 gur barley, 1st time,
10. 1(asz@c) sze gur a-ra2 2(disz)-ma-ka
 en: 1 gur barley, 2nd time,
11. e2 za3-mu-ta
 en: from the household of the new year,
12. nig2-sa10 asza5-ga-sze3
 en: as exchange goods of the fields,
13. su-mu-{d}nerah-e
 en: did Sumu-Neraḫ,
1. lugal-an-na-tum2-ra
 en: to Lugalanatum
2. i3-na-szum2
 en: give.
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