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CT 01, pl. 01, BM 080452 (P212952)

Primary Publication: King, Leonard W. (1896) CT 01 pl. 01, BM 080452

Collection: British Museum, London, UK

Museum no.: BM 080452

Provenience: Sippar-Yahrurum (mod. Tell Abu Habbah)

Period: Old Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

1. 3(gesz2@c)#? 3(asz@c) sze gur sag-gal2
 en: 183(?) gur of barley (according to) the saggal (measure),
2. 3(gesz2@c)#? 4(asz@c) ziz2 gur in nagar{ki?}
 en: 184(?) gur of emmer from Nagar,
3. 2(gesz2@c)#? 1(u@c) 6(asz@c) sze gur
 en: 136(?) gur of barley,
4. 1(u@c)# 4(asz@c) ziz2 gur libir
 en: 14 gur of old emmer,
5. 3(u@c)# la2 1(asz@c) ziz2 gur gibil
 en: 29 gur of new emmer,
6. in {d}zimbir{ki}
 en: from Sippar,
7. szu nagar#{ki}
 en: the one of Nagar,
8. da-da
 en: Dada,
9. im-du2-ud
 en: measured out;
10. 2(gesz2@c) 5(u@c) sze gur
 en: 170 gur of barley,
11. szu lugal-{d}suen{ki}
 en: the one of Lugal-Suen,
1. er3-e-{d}utu
 en: Ere-Utu,
2. im-du2-ud
 en: measured out;
 blank space
3. szu-nigin2 [1(gesz'u@c) 1(gesz2@c) 5(u@c) 6(asz@c)] gur# [sag]-gal2#
 en: total: 716 gur (according to) the saggal (measure)
4. [...] x
 en: ...
 rest broken

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