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AnOr 01, 245 (P101236)

Primary Publication: Schneider, Nikolaus (1931) AnOr 1 245

Collection: Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

Museum no.: BNUS 038

Provenience: Umma (mod. Tell Jokha)

Period: Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

Date: --.--.08.04

 atf: lang sux
1. 1(disz) dug dida 5(disz) sila3 kasz saga
 en: 1 jug wort, 5 sila3 fine beer,
2. 1(ban2) ninda 2(disz) gin2 i3 2(disz) gin2 naga
 en: 1 ban2 bread, 2 shekels oil, 2 shekels alkali-plant,
3. 3(disz) ku6 3(disz) sa szum2
 en: 3 fish, 3 bundles onions,
4. la-ma-mu
 en: for Lamamu;
1. 5(disz) sila3 kasz saga 3(disz) sila3 ninda
 en: 5 sila3 fine beer, 3 sila3 bread,
2. 2(disz) gin2 i3 2(disz) gin2 naga
 en: 2 shekels oil, 2 shekels alkali-plant,
3. 1(disz) ku6 1(disz) sa szum2
 en: 1 fish, 1 bundle onions,
4. {d}utu-mu
 en: for Utumu;
5. u4 4(disz)-kam
 en: 4th day,
6. iti e2-iti-6(disz)
 en: month: “House-month-6,”
7. mu hu-uh2
 en: year: “Ḫuḫ(nuri).”

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