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CDLI Seals 006354 (physical) (P226719)

Seal Witness

Seal No.: S006354

Witness to composite(s): Q001854

Primary Publication: Collon, Dominique (1982) WAS II 446

Collection: British Museum, London, UK

Museum no.: BM 102510

Provenience: uncertain (mod. uncertain)

Period: Ur III (ca. 2100-2000 BC)

Object Type: seal (not impression) > Cylinder seal

Material: stone > mineral > calcite

Date: Ibbi-Suen.00.00.00

 atf: lang sux
object seal
surface a
column 1
1. {d}i-bi2-{d}suen
 en: Ibbi-Suen,
2. dingir kalam-ma-na
 en: god of his land,
3. lugal kal-ga
 en: strong king,
4. lugal uri5{ki}-ma
 en: king of Ur,
5. lugal an-ub-da limmu2-ba
 en: king of the four quarters:
column 2
1. a-ha-am-ar-szi
 en: Aḫam-arši,
2. dub-sar
 en: scribe,
3. dumu ba-ba-ti
 en: son of Babati,
4. ARAD2-zu
 en: is your servant.

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