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CDLI Literary 000646 (Inanna and Dumuzi O) composite (P478873)


Composite No.: Q000646

Primary Publication:


Museum no.:


Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)

Object Type:


 atf: lang sux
surface a
1. x [...]
2. mu-zu DI x [...]
3. di-da-gu10-ne di-da-gu10-ne
4. gu2 i7 nun-na dib-ba-gu10-ne
5. gu2 {i7}buranun-na szu nigin2-na-gu10-ne
6. za-pa-ag2 u3-mu-un-e gub-ba-gu10-ne
7. e-sir2 gun3-a dib-ba-gu10-ne
8. gi gam-ma x x x x he2-me-en
9. sze ab-sin2-na [...] sa6-ga he2-me-en
10. {d}ezina2 [...] sa6-ge he2-me-en
11. sza3-tur3 ama gan-bi he2-me-esz
12. ama-za |NE.KA| {gesz}gesztin? he2-me-en
13. ki-ig-ga ag2-gu10
14. i3-ma-al i3-ma-al nam-zu he2-a
15. nu-ma-al nig2-gig-zu he2-a
16. e2 i3-ma-al-la lu2-bi he2-me-en
17. nin9? sa6-ga ban3-da sa6-ga
18. esz2-gin7 [...] e2 nig2-gur11-ra? sa6-ga
19. nitah lu2 he2-me-en lu2 he2-me-en
20. he2-me-en dumu dingir-za he2-me-en
21. in-sa6 he2-me-en in-bulug3 he2-me-en
22. dingir iri-ni ba-an-sa6 he2-me-en
23. dumu ama-ni ba-an-zil2-zil2-i he2-me-en
24. zi-sza3-gal2 iri-za-ka he2-me-en
25. lu2 sag-kal-la numun zi3 he2-me-en
26. nig2-gur11 tuku nam-tar-ra [...] he2-me-en
27. za-e lu2 ku3 tuku-bi he2-me-en
28. za-e lu2 sze tuku-bi he2-me-en
29. ku3 tuku ku3-ta hul2-la he2-me-en
30. sze tuku sze-ta hul2-la he2-me-en
31. lipisz-tuku sza3? la-la-gal2 he2-me-en
32. x sag-ga2 nu-gig-ge he2-me-en
33. sza3 kusz2-u3 inim-ma nu-kusz2-u3 he2-me-en
34. bala-bala-e {d}inanna-kam

CDLI Literary 000646, ex. 001 (P266110)


Witness to composite(s): Q000646

Primary Publication:

Collection: Penn Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Arkeoloji Müzeleri, Istanbul, Turkey

Museum no.: CBS 10917 + CBS 10941 + Ist Ni 04011 + Ist Ni 04019

Provenience: Nippur (mod. Nuffar)

Period: Middle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1100 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

 atf: lang sux
 link: def A = Q000646 = A balbale to Inana and Dumuzid (Dumuzid-Inana O)
1. [...] e2 nig2-gur11 sa6#-ga#
2. [...]-en# lu2 he2-[me-en]
3. he2-me-en dumu dingir-za he2-[me-en]
4. in-sa6 he2-me-en in-bulug3 he2#-[me-en]
5. dingir iri-ni ba-an-sa6 he2-me#-[en]
6. dumu ama-a-ni ba-an-zil2-zil2-i he2#-[me-en]
7. zi-sza3-gal2 iri-za-ka he2-[me-en]
8. lu2 sag-kal-la numun zi he2-[me-en]
9. ku3 tuku ku3-ta hul2-la he2-[me-en]
10. sze tuku sze-ta hul2#-[la] he2#-[me-en]
11. lipisz-tuku sza3#? la#-la he2#-[me-en]
12. x sag-ga2 nu-gig-ge he2#-[me-en]
13. sza3 kusz2-u3 inim-ma nu-kusz2-u3 he2#-[me-en]
14. bal-bal-e {d}inanna-[kam]

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