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CDLI Literary 000495 (Ur-Ninurta F) composite (P480126)


Composite No.: Q000495

Primary Publication:


Museum no.:


Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)

Object Type:


 atf: lang sux
object composite text
surface a
m=segment A
1. ur-sag nam-he2-a gu3 ru-ru-gu2 giri17-zal
2. a-a {d}iszkur u4 gal-la-ke4 za-e gi4? [...]
3. bar-su3-am3
4. a-ma-ru {tu15}u18-lu mah? {tu15}mer mer-ra
5. za-pa-ag2-ga2-ni x x x
6. x gi4-ne-esz2 an ki GI? [...]
7. {d}iszkur-ra tu15 ki? TE x GAR A x [...]
8. nim gir2-gir2 AN x x x A x
9. x [...]
  rest broken
m=segment B
1. [...] x [...]
2. 2(disz)-kam-ma-ra {tu15}u18-lu {tu15}mer mer-ra-da mu-[...]
3. 3(disz)-kam-ma-ra im-hul an-na-ke4 gaba dumu lu2-bi [...]
4. 4(disz)-kam-ma dungu sir2 an-na-ke4 gu3 im-ma-an-de2? x
5. gana2 zi-da sze gu-nu im-gub {d}ezina2 hul2-la [...]
6. {d}iszkur-e nig2-nam mu-un-gar-gar buru14 sze mah im-[...]
7. ur-{d}nin-urta guru7-du6 guru7-masz a-gar3 mu-na-an-dub
8. u4 du10-ga numun-bi mu-ni-in-se3 ge6-ga KA [...]
9. ur-{d}nin-urta dumu an-na-ra numun-bi mu-ni-in-se3 [...]
10. {d}iszkur {d}inanna? {d}x-ke4 ti mu-na-an-[...]
11. sa-gar-ra-am3
12. ur-{d}nin-urta sza3 x {d}nin-lil2-la2-ke4 {d}iszkur [...]
13. gesz-gi-gal2-bi-im
14. en ku3-gal2 an ki ug3 ku3 zi szum2
15. a-a {d}iszkur en ku3-gal2 an ki ug3 ku3 zi szum2
16. ur-{d}nin-urta he2-gal2 hu-mu-na-gal2 sag [...]
17. u18-ru12-bi-im

CDLI Literary 000495, ex. 001 (P343059)


Witness to composite(s): Q000495

Primary Publication:

Collection: Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany

Museum no.: VAT 08212

Provenience: uncertain (mod. uncertain)

Period: Old Babylonian (ca. 1900-1600 BC)

Object Type: tablet or envelope > tablet

Material: clay

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