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Designation HSS 15, 139
Lacheman, Ernest. 1955.
Authors Lacheman, Ernest
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Artifact Identifier Artifact Designation Musuem Collections Period Provenience Artifact Type Publication Type Exact Reference Publication Comments
P408964 HSS 15, 139 Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Middle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1100 BC) Gasur/Nuzi (mod. Yorgan Tepe) tablet primary
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Lacheman, Ernest. 1955.
Lacheman, E. (1955).
Lacheman, E. (1955).
	author = {Lacheman, Ernest},
	year = {1955},

AU  - Lacheman, Ernest
DA  - 1955///
ID  - Lacheman1955-168997
ER  - 
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