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agate mineral
alabaster mineral
amazonite feldspar
amethyst mineral
aphrite stone
aragonite mineral
azurite mineral
basalt igneous rock
basanite sedimentary rock
bloodstone mineral
breccia sedimentary rock
bronze metal
calcite mineral
carnelian mineral
ceramic clay
chalcedony mineral
chalcocite mineral
chert sedimentary rock
chlorite mineral
copper metal
cornelian mineral
diorite igneous rock
dolomite mineral
Egyptian blue
electrum metal
feldspar mineral
felsite igneous rock
flint sedimentary rock
fluorite mineral
garnet mineral
gneiss metamorphic rock
goethite mineral
gold metal
granite igneous rock
greenstone igneous rock
gypsum mineral
hematite mineral
hornblende mineral
hornfels metamorphic rock
igneous rock stone
iron metal
iron oxide metal
ivory bone
ivory fossil stone
jade metamorphic rock
jadeite mineral
jasper mineral
lapis lazuli metamorphic rock
lava igneous rock
lead metal
limerite stone
limestone sedimentary rock
limonite stone
magnesite mineral
magnetite mineral
malachite mineral
marble metamorphic rock
menaccanite mineral
metamorphic rock stone
mica mineral
mineral stone
nephrite mineral
obsidian igneous rock
onyx mineral
ophicalcite serpentine
polypary fossil stone
porcelain clay
porphyry igneous rock
quartz mineral
quartz-dolerite stone
quartzite metamorphic rock
rock crystal mineral
sandstone sedimentary rock
sardonyx mineral
schist metamorphic rock
sedimentary rock stone
serpentine mineral
shale sedimentary rock
shell bone
siderite mineral
silver metal
slate sedimentary rock
steatite metamorphic rock
syenite igneous rock
talc mineral
trachyte igneous rock
travertine sedimentary rock
tuff igneous rock
turquoise mineral
zeolite mineral

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