MDP 31, 031 (P009371)

Administrative tablet excavated in Susa (mod. Shush), dated to the Proto-Elamite (ca. 3100-2900 BC) period and now kept in Louvre Museum, Paris, France

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1. |M327+X| ,
2. M388 M387? M263 M314~f M096#? M388# M301 M372 M367~c# , 2(N51G) 5(N23)
3. x x M066 M367~c# , 3(N51G) 1(N23)
4. |M195+X|# x x x x M367~c#? , 2(N51G) 7(N23)
5. M066 x x x M367~c#? , 2(N51G)# 6(N23)
6. M195~m# x x M367~c# , 2(N51G) 7(N23)
column 1
1. M367~c#? , 2(N54G) 3(N51G) 6(N23)
  seal 1
  seal 1 = PES1308
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