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BaAr 5 07 (P521860)

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external_resources BM
external_resources_key W_1927-1112-18
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designation BaAr 5 07
artifact_type tablet
period Neo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)
provenience Uruk (mod. Warka)
archive Mu zib-Marduk
museum_no BM 118981
accession_no 1927-11-12, 0018
is_provenience_uncertain 0
is_period_uncertain 0
is_artifact_type_uncertain 0
is_school_text 0
height 85.0
width 58.0
artifact_comments Fingernail impressions on all four edges
collections British Museum, London, UK
dates Shamash-shum-ukin.01.10.18
genres Legal
genres_comment purchase of a share in an orchard
genres_uncertain 0
languages Akkadian
languages_uncertain 0
materials clay
materials_uncertain 0
publications_key Frame2013-16;1428279
publications_type primary;history
retired 0
has_fragments 0
is_artifact_fake 0
artifact_type_comments Fingernail impressions on all four edges

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