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CUNES 58-01-140 (P519952)

Update made on 2020-07-25 at 06:49:39 by Firth, Richard for Firth, Richard
&P519952 = CUNES 58-01-140
#atf: lang sux
1. 2(u) 2(disz) sze ku3 masz a-sza3-[ga]
2. gu-da
3. szu bar-ra
4. a-sza3 a-ba-gal
1. ki kas4-[ta]
2. kiszib3 [gu]-[u2]-[gu]-a
3. mu us2-sa bad3 mar-tu ba-du3
@seal 1
1. gu-u2-gu-a
2. dub-sar
3. dumu ma-an-szum2

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